Little Spree is taking a little holiday…


We are both having a much-needed break from Little Spree to spend some quality holiday time with our families over the Summer (and to give our eyes a rest from looking at all that Isabel Marant and Mango (we’re not sure we can even tell the difference anymore…), and our fingers a rest from all the late-night bargain hunting!!). In the meantime if you’re missing us, you can see what we’re up to (and sometimes what we’re wearing – although we can guarantee there will definitely be no bikini selfies!) on Instagram (@littlespree); and don’t forget the Little Spree shop (for you and your little ones). It’s open 24-7!

Sarah & Nicky xx

who says boys can’t wear pink?

SMALLS_ 1004

Smalls 100% Superfine Merino Wool Top, £39.95

Smalls Merino Top Boy

1. Smalls Long Sleeved Top, £39.95
2. Dandy Star Cotton Rucksack, £21.55
3. Greenery Kids Harem Pants (sold as part of set with moustache tee), £17.00
4. Next Sandals, £13.00-£15.00

We love pink for our boys (always the right shade of pink though of course), and we love this outfit (Bailey already has it!). And if you’re not already familiar with the label Smalls, you need to be. They are just brilliant – we are big fans at Little Spree, and our kids wear them all the time. We find them particularly useful for those tricky ‘in-between’ weather days – is it cold or is it warm?? Much like today in fact! When the kids wear theirs, they never complain about being “too hot” or “uncomfy” – in fact, they never make any comments at all – they are just comfortable, happy and busy playing (and anyone who knows Marlow knows how picky he can be about the way things look and feel: “but it’s not cashmere Mummy!”… I know, I know!!). And here’s why (read it – it’s actually really interesting)…

– Merino’s breathable fibre core has a waxy-coated exterior so there is no surface for germs to grow on. This makes merino naturally antibacterial so it can be worn for days without stinking. (Phew).
– Merino wool stores warmth in millions of little air pockets that trap your own body heat. This means you stay warmer without having to wear lots of layers. Stay outside playing for longer – always good news for kids!
– Your Smalls don’t need special treatment like most of your woollies (thank God – high maintenance kids clothes? No thanks). Wear them lots, wash them whenever, – and never worry about them fading or shrinking like other fabrics. No washing machine dramas.
– Smalls merino is naturally resistant to staining, odors, and pilling. A little airing is enough to revive your Smalls. (Though you might want to wash them at some point!).
– Merino wool also dries fast, perfect for busy families and it’s anti-static so won’t cling.
– Smalls merino is also naturally elastic (unlike us sadly). It springs back to its original shape every time.
– Also, super smooth fibres mean bad news for dust mites. It’s anti static so it naturally repels dust, which can cause allergies and asthma in sufferers. Because of its breathability, it keeps skin dry and less prone to eczema.
– It is also an excellent barrier for harmful UV rays, so you can wear it on the beach Or even onthe ski slopes!
– In the summer, it keeps you cool, dry and just.….happy.

And our friends at Smalls are giving one of their super-stylish long sleeved tops (‘longs’) away (they will even personalise it with your child’s name – how sweet), so you can see how great they are first hand. All you need to do is:

1. Sign up to the the Smalls newsletter on their gorgeous website.
2. Email us at Little Spree ( with the colour and size (2-12 years) of top you would like to win. If you’re not sure, take a look at Tabitha, Marlow and Bailey wearing theirs on Instagram today for some style inspiration…
3. Keep your fingers crossed!

You have until midnight on Monday 27th to enter, and we will announce the winner on Tuesday 28th. Good luck!

Sarah & Nicky xx

mama spree: the last minute holiday dress


ASOS Printed Maxi Dress, £39.00

We always like to buy one last-minute holiday purchase. Something fun and a bit frivelous that you can just chuck in the suitcase (on top of all your sale bargains…). This is the dress we’re buying (or in Nicky’s case, has bought). We love the Holly Hobbie patchwork print. The perfect low-key, easy to wear, relaxed dress that requires zero thought. And perfect with these Gap sandals (now just £24.99 in the sale). Done.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: size-up as it comes up on the small size.

pps: we’ll be wearing ours with a navy cashmere sweater come Autumn…

the prettiest (sale) pieces

Photo: Bonpoint

These are our prettiest sale picks for the (little and tiny) girls…
This Louis Louise dress; this Louis Louise top; this Kidscase blouse; this Louis Louise skirt; this Emile et Ida dress; this Louis Louise dress; this Caramel dress; this Emile et Ida skirt; this Poppy Rose dress; these Mango skirts; this ilovegorgeous baby dress; this Louis Louise baby romper; this Mango baby dress;  ilovegorgeous baby dress; these Louis Louise baby bloomers and this Louis Louise baby dress.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: we couldn’t resist this super-cute cat bag from Emile et Ida.

mama spree: going, going…


Mango Linen Coat, £44.99 (was £89.99)

This is our very last sales round-up for mamas. Amazingly, there are still some fab things out there (including this Mango linen coat, which we are a little bit obsessed with!!). But they won’t be around for much longer…
We love this BDG army surplus jacket; these metallic Vans for J.Crew; these Vanessa Bruno Athé striped trousers; this Whistles leather biker (a great investment – every wardrobe should have at least one); these Mango dungarees; these Isabel Marant Étoile cords (pink is the colour for next season so get a jump-start on a trend); this Whistles jumpsuit; these J.Crew tees (Nicky’s favourites); this Whistles apron dress; and this Isabel Marant embroidered top (so pretty!).

Sarah & Nicky xx

the tail end of the sales…

Photo: Caramel Baby & Child

It’s not too late to scoop up a few last-minute sale bargains (and there are definitely some great things still out there if you’re quick!). There is a common myth that if you shop the tail end of the sales, it’s only the dregs left that no one else wants. Not necessarily. You just need to be a bit more sale savvy that at the beginning of the sales. We’ve done the savvy bit for you…
Take a look at this Kickle rain mac, this Mango sweatshirt; these Mango shorts; this Miller sweatshirt; this Mango belt; these The Little White Company short pyjamas; this Miller sweatshirt; Marlow’s favourite boots from Boden (tempted to buy him another pair for the Autumn…); Marlow’s Boden jumper (as featured on the Boden blog); these Boden baby dungarees; this Mango baby long sleeved tee; these Louis Louise baby trousers; these Caramel baby trousers; this Mango baby sweater; Bonton baby cardigan; and this Mango baby sweater (a great ‘buy now stash for later’). Phew!

Sarah & Nicky xx

beach chic

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 20.54.05

1. ilovegorgeous Beach Cover-Up, (was £45.00) £31.50
2. Mitty James Towling Beach Robe, £23.99

We are slowly winding down for our Summer break on Little Spree (your credit cards can take a break too!). So this week we are bringing you a mix of last-minute holiday buys, and tail-end-of-the-sales bargains (yes, there are still some great things out there…). Then we will bid you farewell for a few weeks while we take a much-needed ‘Little Spree holiday’. So today we’re bringing you our favourite beach cover-ups for girls and boys. Some cute, some cosy, and all super-stylish…
We also like these ones from: Jo Jo Maman Bebe (navy); John Lewis; Accesorize; ilovegorgeousAccessorize; ilovegorgeous; and we love this breton bath cape (perfect for the beach) from Petit Bateau.

See you tomorrow!

Sarah & Nicky xx

mama spree part ll: the outtake outfit

MS Travel Outfit

1. Topshop Moto Jumpsuit, £65.00
2. 2. Isabel Marant Étoile Curt Scarf (was £150.00) £75.00
3. Mango Double Compartment Bag, (was £17.99) £8.99
4. Isabel Marant Étoile Leather Sandals, (were £270.00) £108.00

This was the outfit we were going to post yesterday as our travel outfit (the one that almost got away). We loved it – cool, chic, no awful muffin tops on show when you’re bending over to put those cases on the weighing machine at check-in, or when you’re reaching up to stuff your carry on bags in the (already stuffed) overhead lockers (is that what they’re called?)…That’s the last thing you want to be worrying about! We were all set. Then I woke up in the middle of the night (I’m not even kidding), thinking: cream jumpsuit for travelling with kids?? I don’t think so!! What we we thinking?? Unless you happen to be travelling with a newborn, then go for it – no one will ever notice if you’ve got baby sick on your shoulder…
For the rest of us, let’s stick to the navy one (in yesterday’s post) for the flight, then pack this one for the holiday. So perfect. We just love this look, so felt we still wanted to share it. See – you can ever use the same scarf and bag from your journey! And these Issy sandals at just over a £100.00 (reduced from a whopping £270.00!!) are proving hard to resist…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: this jumpsuit is much more ‘cream’ (ecru even?) than it looks in this picture. It’s most definitely not white. Just saying.

mama spree: travel chic



1. Topshop Utility Jumpsuit, £55.00
2. Isabel Marant Étoile Curt Scarf (was £150.00) £75.00
3. Mango Double Compartment Bag, (was £17.99) £8.99
4. Mango Lace-Up Sneakers, £44.99

The swimsuits, flip-flops, shorts and hats are packed; your travel tote’s stocked with games and snacks; the kids are dressed; then five minutes before you’re due to leave you realise you have to put together your travel outfit. The taxi is waiting outside and you’re desperately trying to cobble together an outfit that’s comfortable, warm (but not too warm) and makes you feel effortlessly stylish. Sound familiar?
Not this time. Just get these four things ready the night before and off you go… Comfortable, warm and effortlessly stylish.
Happy holidays!

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: these Mango sneakers reminded me of a really cool pair of Saint Laurent ones that Sarah shot (and Instagram-ed) for Red a couple of weeks ago…

pps: see the outfit we almost posted today (and why we changed our minds at the last minute), on Saturday.

travelling with girls…


Cyrillus Smocked Tunic, £12.30

Girl Travel Outfit

1. Cyrillus Smocked Tunic, £12.30
2. Eva & Oli Rucksack, £31.59
3. Emile Et Ida Pencil Case, £18.63
4. Jigsaw Junior Printed Leggings, £15.00-£20.00
5. Saltwater Surfer Sandals, from £40.00

Just the word ‘leggings’ is enough to make me feel a little queasy (in fact the only word guaranteed to make me feel worse is ‘jeggings’). They just sound slightly unpleasant somehow don’t they? Plus I have the added association with my Winter pregnancy ‘uniform’ of oversized mens cashmere sweater, leggings and biker boots (actually much cooler than it sounds). And we all know that all you want to do with your pregnancy uniform as soon as you’re thin enough to ditch it altogether, is to incinerate it! Needless to say I have not worn a pair of leggings since. Anyway. Fast forward to being a mama of a five year old girl. Now although they may not be my favourite item in her wardrobe, they do have their uses. Easy, comfy and cute if you get the right pair (not too tight, not too baggy and not too cropped) and style them with a pretty (long-ish) blouse/tunic top (like this one from Cyrillus). I like them with sandals in the Summer or boots in the Winter. Oh, and Tabitha loves wearing them! So I must confess, when it comes to a travel outfit for little girls, I started with the humble legging. But we think these ones look very sweet indeed.

Sarah & Nicky xx

mama spree: a few mama travel essentials


L.L Bean Tote Bag, £17.64-£28.25

MS Travel Bag

1. Naomilingerie  Cotton Eye Mask, £12.37
2. OMY Set of 4 Pocket Games and Colouring Sets, £18.63
3. John Lewis Cashmere Reversibe Blanket, (was £110.00),  £77.00
4. ‘My Very Healthy Snacks’ Box, £5.95
5. Blossom Paris Striped Wash Bag, £34.83
6. Maclaren Volo Black Buggy, £90.00

These are a just a few of our tried-and-tested in-flight travel essentials for mamas. Travelling with little ones in tow is a very different experience from travelling alone (no shit!), but with a few carefully chosen items, you never know, it might not even be that bad… You might even enjoy it!

1. Nicky swears by an the eye mask for Bailey on night flights. As you know, we love anything that’s practical and cute…

2. Mini games to keep the kids amused. Nicky has bought these pocket sized ones in the past and loves them. Small and easy to stash. Perfect!

3. Travel + cashmere (of any size/description) = an overall more pleasant, comfortable journey. Without question. Perfect for kids to snuggle up in when the airline suddenly decide to crank up the AC in the cabin (why do they always do that??). This one is a great price, and size.

4. The mama who travels without a selection of snacks (in various grades of healthiness) is a foolish one. Snacks are ammunition. This cute snack box is easy to find in your tote, looks good, and you can pretend that all your snacks are healthy ones (yeah right).

5. I love a pretty zip-up wash bag that does’t look like a wash bag (anyone who knows me and has travelled with me, knows I like a bag in a bag in a bag…) to keep all those things like wipes, Calpol, plasters etc etc in. We love this striped one.

6. Forget your usual go-to ‘super buggy’ (in my case we threw the money at the iCandy Peach Blossom, in Nicky’s case the Concord Neo Mobility Set), when it comes to travelling, you need a super-lightweight buggy that you can actually lift, collapses in seconds, and you don’t need to re-mortgage to replace (and that you don’t actually care that much about). Leave the ‘Bentley’ in the garage at home. I had two of these Maclaren Volos for the twins and they were just brilliant. Can’t recommend them enough (whether you’re a twins mama or not).

The ultimate ‘chuck it all in’ roomy tote from L.L Bean (top). Don’t worry about the all important things – wallet, passports etc – they are all safe in your (equally chic) cross-body bag (coming on Friday’s Mama Spree post). Today is all about the tote. I have long been a fan of the traditional L.L Bean ‘boat and tote’ canvas bags (they are a bit of a fashion industry off-duty must-have, and much loved by celebs such as Gwyneth, Julia Roberts and Chloe Sevingy…). My favourite is the classic (large) open-top ‘Boat and Tote’ with navy trim and the short handles. And I always like to get mine monogramed (so chic, and cute to get your kids’ names/initials – you need to order from the US website if you want to add monogramming: ). The surprising thing is the price. One of the most affordable stylish totes around. And on holiday they double up as the perfect beach bag too. I use mine ALL the time. Great for chucking in the car too. In fact, great for pretty much anything.

Here are a few more things we’ll be stashing in our totes… cashmere socks (for us obviously); our favourite Tegu magnetic bricks are just brilliant for little ones who like to build (and this set is small and totally portable – Marlow has it); these sweet little drawstring bags to put ‘stuff’ in (I like to separate things out so I can lay my hands on them quickly and easily); these little colouring pencils in a tube; and I have ordered these activity sticker books for Tabs and Marlow for the flight to Italy (admittedly a short and pretty manageable flight, even with no Tom as my wingman) in a couple of weeks (what is it about sticker books anyway??). The rest is up to you. Valium?

Sarah and Nicky xx

travelling in style…


Eva & Oli Rucksack, £31.59

Boys Travel Outfit

1. Milibe T-shirt, £20.00
2. Eva & Oli Rucksack, £31.59
3. Mango Joggers, £9.99
4. Birkenstock Roma Sandals, £38.00

Now that the Sun is shining and school’s almost out, our thoughts are turning to all things holiday. We’re pretty seasoned travellers, not phased by minimalist packing or capsule wardrobes, but there is one item on the holiday ‘to do’ list that still makes us sigh: travel outfits. Whether it’s for us or the children it’s the same conundrum: how to combine comfort, practicality and style. By the end of the week you’ll be able to tick off that tedious travel task from your list as we are bringing you our outfit solutions for all, starting with this one for the boys.

Nicky & Sarah xx

here comes the sun…

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 19.35.15

baby girl sun hat

1. M&S Cat Bow Trilby Hat (6 months-6 years), £9.00
2. Mothercare Broderie Anglaise Sunhat, £5.00
3. Gap Chambray Floppy Hat (-24 months), £5.99 (was £9.95)
4. M&S Cotton Hat (3 months-6 years), £8.00 (sold in a set of two)

boys sun hats

1. Sunchild Cotton Hat (small-medium), £35.64
2. M&S Straw Trilby (3-14 years), £9.00-£10.00
3. Bonton Baby Hat (6-12 months), £19.60 (was £28.00)
4. Frugi Striped Legionnaires Hat (0-3 years), £12.00

Arguably not the most exciting Summer purchase, but definitely one of the most important – the humble sun sat. Don’t leave home without one (and preferably one spare!).
Here are some more we found, liked, and felt compelled to share…
Chloe floral printed; Gap scalloped; John Lewis chambray; Louis Louise floral printed (beyond!); Petit Bateau navy; John Lewis striped reversible; M&S pack of two (I bought these for Marlow for school – he only seems to lose the more expensive ones…); Next two pack; Mothercare striped; Frugi star print; and Next denim.

Sarah & Nicky xx

come shopping with us!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.53.29

We are really excited to (finally) launch our very own Little Spree shop! As well as our usual daily posts, you can now shop our edit at our online ‘shop’. It’s dedicated to the things we consider to be our ‘monthly must haves’ (Mama Shop for you and Little Shop for your little ones) – some familiar, some not so much, and a few of our personal (tried and tested) favourites in there too… Each month we will update our edit to bring you our ‘newest’ favourites. These are the pieces we really think are worth knowing about. If you already like our posts, we think you’re going to love our shop! Let us know what you think…
Happy Friday!

Sarah & Nicky xx

more stripes (only smaller)


kids stripe trousers

1. Mini Boden Slim Fit Striped Jeans, £17.60-£20.80 (were £22.00-£26.00)
2. Mango Striped Baggy Trousers, £19.99
3. Petit Bateau Striped Chinos, £40.00

Whilst writing this Mama Spree post last week about our love of of striped trousers, it occurred to us that we may have bought one or two pairs (or a lot more!!) of striped trousers for the kids too. Thin stripes, thick stripes, faded – we love them all, and the best thing is that they work just as well for girls and boys, so you can pass them on, pass them down, or even share (Bailey, Tabitha and Marlow all have the the Boden striped jeans and wear them all the time). And these ones are from Next; Tootsa MacGinty (on sale); and Miller (currently 70% off!) are all on our stripe radar too.

Nicky & Sarah x

mama spree: arm candy

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 19.34.05


1. Scotch & Soda Sailor’s Knot Bracelet, £24.95
2. Scotch & Soda Bracelet, £17.00 (was £27.95)
3. Accessorize Star Friendship Bracelet, £6.00 (was £12.00)
4. Links Of London Skull Friendship Bracelet, £195.00
5. Ottoman Hands Festival Tassel Bracelet, £18.00 (was £26.00)
6. Michael Kors Bracelet, £89.00
7. April Showers Pom Pom Braclet, £19.85 (was £28.35)
8. Lulu Frost Nomadic Tassel Bracelet, £89.00 (was £128.00)
9. Message By Merci Mamam Bracelet, £19.90

Nothing screams Summer holidays more than an armful of colourful friendship bracelets on a (hopefully) tanned arm. The more you can layer up, the better – we love mixing the contrasting styles – a hippie tassel or pom pom with rose gold skulls or delicate pave stones; chunky with fine, garish with more refined…
And incase those aren’t enough to cover most of your arm, we like these ones from Louise MishaTopshop; Astley ClarkeMango; and Merci Maman (these are so sweet and can be personalised).

Sarah & Nicky xx

numero 74 just got even better


Numero 74 Mia Dress, £19.58

Numero 74

1. Numero 74 Mia Dress, £19.58
2. H&M Sunglasses, £2.99
3. Next Sandals, £12.00-£16.00

As one of our absolute favourite labels, Numero 74 is always on our ‘go-to’ list for anything from bunting to tutus, to curtains to cot bumpers. But until now that list never included clothes. But only because because they didn’t do them! So we can barely contain our excitement with the recent discovery that they now do! The same gorgeous colours, styles, fabrics, but this time in clothes. And the prices are great too (almost too good to be true in fact). Anyway, we’ll be bringing you a post with our edit in the next few weeks, but for the time being, here is one of our favourite sun dresses (we can’t get enough of this ochre colour at the moment…) to wet your appetite…

Sarah & Nicky xx

mini espadrilles


Everywhere we look we keep seeing scaled-down espadrilles for kids. Here are the ones we’re coveting (ok they may not be Chanel, but we still love/want them…): these Mothercare boots (how cool are they??); this classic navy Soludos pair; this Gap star print pair; this 1789 Cala denim pair; this Soludos striped pair; these Gap slip-on espadrille sneakers; and last but by no means least, our favourite Tootsa MacGinty Breton striped ones (as seen and loved at Dot To Dot this time last week).

Sarah & Nicky xx

mama spree: more mangotastic bargains

Mango Outlet

1. Striped Cheesecloth Shirt, £8.99 (was £12.99)
2. Lightweight Scarf, £11.99 (was £17.99)
3. Wool-Blend Oversized Jacket, £29.99 (was £39.99)
4. Cotton-Blend Sweatshirt, £17.99 (was £34.99)
5. Boyfriend ‘Karlie’ Jeans, £17.99 (were £44.99)
6. Studded Leather Sandals, £15.99 (were £25.99)

We literally cannot get enough of the Mango Outlet!! Here are our favourite pieces for us Mamas. And at these prices we can all afford to go a little mad!!
Other ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ pieces include this ruffle dress; this (very Valentino-esque, and super-practical) rivet shopper; these off-white dungarees; this studded bucket bag; this denim shirt; this ruffled tee;  this embroidered top; these leather joggers; and this checked shirt. Woohoo!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: have you entered our giveaway with The Bright Company yet? You could win ANYTHING on their website (including the mama pieces)!! You have until midnight on Sunday, so still plenty of time still. Head to our Instagram feed (@littlespree) for all the details on how to enter…

a mango surprise

Mango Girl

1. Elastic Edge Dress, £15.99 (was £22.99)
2. Hooded Parka, £22.99 (was £34.99)
3. Cork Neon Sandals, £6.99 (were £29.99)

Boys Mango

1. Checked Shirt, £8.99 (was £12.99)
2. Hooded Parka, £22.99 (was £34.99)
3. Denim Bermuda Shorts, £8.99 (were £14.99)

Have you heard of the ‘Mango Outlet’? Until recently neither had we! Not to be confused with the ‘sale’ section of Mango, this is an entirely different website dedicated to their previous collections, with everything at hugely discounted prices! Imagine our excitement to find some of the items we wish we’d bought (you snooze, and maybe you don’t lose after all…) now available with up to 70% off!  Not ones to keep such a find to ourselves, we’ve scoured the site for our favourite items to share with you. Here are some other faves for the girls: this dress; this sweater; this cardigan; this sweater; this blouse; these moccasin boots; and this pom pom necklace.And for the boys: these sweaters; these hi-tops; this Henley sweater; this jacket;  this sweater; and this parka with detachable lining.
Now let’s keep this as our little secret, ok?

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: And of course we haven’t forgotten about you! More Mango Outlet (crazy) bargains on Mama Spree tomorrow…