Greenberry Kids

Greenberry Kids is still one of my all-time favourite independent websites for gorgeous, original baby and kids clothes. The owner and founder, Joo just has the best taste and a clever knack for hand-picking the cutest Korean designs; focusing on comfort, but without compromising on the design. Music to my ears! And the prices are pretty great too. It’s a great way of injecting an element of unique style and playfulness into your little one’s wardrobe – things that you won’t necessarily see at every play group, that you can then easily mix in with the high street bargains that we all love to buy. Perfect. I tend to buy a few pieces for Tabitha and Marlow (Tabs love the cuteness and prettiness, Marlow loves the soft fabrics and the comfort of the fit and style) each season, and they love them, plus they last and last.
And the baby collections have the most beautiful gifts for a newborn. I may or may not have bought this ADORABLE gingham romper (above) for a friend’s baby… Other baby pieces loving include this romper (above), bunny all-in-one, dress, bunny bonnet, and the baby tights are perfect with the rompers.

Sarah xx

ps: Tabitha has (and loves!) these kitty socks, this ruffled top, and these super-soft dungarees in the light blue. Marlow is (sob) getting a little big for their boys things, (although he was wearing a pair of khaki drawstring trousers on Friday (as featured on Instagram) from last Summer that still look great), but I just got him this pack of socks – ok, so it may only be socks, but how perfect are these colours? And obviously great for girls too. These loose pants are great for boys too.

pps: Greenberry Kids is offering an exclusive 10% discount to Little Spree readers until midnight on Thursday, so now’s the time to buy that little stylish something. Just add the code: Littlespree10.