The Most Stylish Baby Gifts For All Budgets

1. Little Cloud Cot Mobile, £45.00
2. Pequeno Tocon Booties, £9.98
3. Zoé Rumeau Illuminated Heart, £92.82
4. M&S Cotton Knitted Outfit, £18.00
5. Boden Hat (Part of A Set With Mittens), £18.38
6. Numero 74 Changing Mat Cover, £34.32
7. Egmont Toys Lamp, £59.28
8. Anne-Claire Petit Lamb Music Box, £37.44
9. Sebra Wooden Activity Arch, £131.82

Is it just us, or do you sometimes get in a bit of panic when you know you need to buy a (lovely, stylish obviously) gift for a newborn baby? It’s odd really, because we LOVE buying baby gifts (what’s not to love?), but there are just SO many gorgeous things out there, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. And do you go for something to wear, or something for the nursery? The pressure is on to find the most stylish gift within your budget that you know will be happily received by a sleep-deprived mama. So we’ve (hopefully) taken any stress away with our tightly edited selection of our favourite gift ideas (for all budgets) in our Baby Gifts Shop. Just click and buy. Job done. One tip that we will share is that it’s no bad thing to stockpile gifts. You may think this sounds impersonal, but if something is that lovely, why not buy it for more than one baby? And it’s never a bad thing to have a little supply of gifts (whether for newborns or kids’ parties) tucked away to avoid that last-minute panic ‘trolley-dash’ which can then result in a less inspired choice. And we’ve also found a few ‘pricer’ items for people who want to group together to buy something for a friend or relative (I remember many envelopes coming round in my days at Glamour, which resulted in one lovely present from the office as someone headed off on their maternity leave. SC).

Sarah & Nicky xx