This Week I’m Loving…

Apologies for the lack of posts these last couple of weeks. As you may (or may not) know from Instagram, I have been in Colombia for the last ten days, on a shoot. Anyway, I’m back now, and have just been online for a little nose, to see what I’ve missed. Here are my favourites high street finds, below (and why)…

  1. Because I love a bow on a shoe, but these feel cool too.
  2. Because this is just my kind of coat (cool and cosy). Plus it also comes in grey (which, of course, I also love). Plus I’m (foolishly) thinking I will look like Camille Row (see gorgeous pic above) in mine. Fat chance.
  3. Because, if you’re feeling a little ‘basket fatigue’ after last summer, stick to simple, timeless styles like this one that you will never tire of.
  4. Because I just fancy a pair of loose, slouchy satin dungarees.
  5. Because I already have the bracelet, and wear it every day, so now I fancy getting the necklace too. It’s a bit of a Marant knock-off with that little star.
  6. Because I popped into M&S this evening, and bought this. It’s officially a pyjama top, but looks like a (really nice) sweatshirt. Trust me, it’s the softest ‘non-sweatshirt sweatshirt’ you’ll ever put on.
  7. Because I fancied a pair of cat eye sunnies, and ordered these, which arrived today. Love them.
  8. Because (weirdly) I’ve never owned a trench, and I’m loving the slouchiness of this double-breasted one.
  9. Because I haven’t bought a new bag for AGES, and I’m rather temped by this one. I like that it has ‘options’.
  10. Because I am still loving a jumpsuit/boilersuit, and I’m liking the idea of a pink one. I was tipped off about this particular one on my trip. Plus no one will mistake me for a Pimlico Plumbers employee (unlike when I wear my navy Gap one).
  11. I saw this bikini on a real person (in Colombia) and it looks gorgeous on!! I didn’t even recognise it as the one I posted here!

Sarah xx

ps: it really irritated me that I found 11 things and not 10, but couldn’t decide which should get the axe, so I kept them all in.

pps: I haven’t forgotten about my wardrobe detox post that so many of you said you’d like to read. Stay tuned.