Packing For A Mini Break

In terms of holidays, or indeed ‘mini breaks’, I must confess my style doesn’t really shift much at all. I’m still loyal to my trusted palette of khaki, grey, navy, pale blue, white and cream; and my favourite every day pieces – denim, oversized shirts, slouchy sweatshirts, cosy cashmere, pretty, vintage style blouses, Breton stripes, cool tees, a touch of leopard, some pretty pieces of jewellery…
I LOVE a khaki shirt. I find it such a useful piece to have in your wardrobe – great with jeans (blue, black, striped), cut-off denim shorts, even pencil skirts if you need something smarter, perhaps for work. I had a great one that I bought a couple of years ago, that I loved, that seems to have just vanished (please tell me it’s not just me that literally looses items of clothing??). So I have been on the hunt for a replacement for some time now (I have already featured this particular one from J.Crew on the blog, but without actually seeing it in person). I now have item and I can confirm that it’s fab. A great ‘boyfriend’ shape, and not too short for a half-tuck. I also love a shirt in the Summer, as there’s just a bit more fabric to play with – plus I always like to turn the sleeves up a few times. Anyway, this is my absolute ‘must have’ for Summer. I’ve also got the Breton tee (again, been on the lookout for a new one, but there’s always something not quite right – the fit it too ‘neat’, the sleeves aren’t loose enough, the neckline is too wide…), which is just perfect. I sized up a lot (XL in fact) to get the slouchy fit I like, particularly when worn with cut-off shorts, and the prefect sleeve to roll up and few times. I would much rather buy one great one than four or five, cheaper ‘ok’ ones. I also have these pretty tassel earrings (in ivory). Great with a sweatshirt or t-shirts. I have also added to my ever-expanding ‘stack’ with this fab hinged gold bracelet. Love it! And I couldn’t believe the price.
So that’s me sorted then.

Sarah xx

ps: I don’t think I could pull this off, as I’m too booby, but this dress is gorgeous.

This post was created in collaboration with J.Crew