Holiday Time

I have recently added a new HOLIDAY SHOP to the site, filled with some of my favourite pieces for the summer, specifically with holidays in mind. I hope you find something you like. I’m taking a few weeks off from Little Spree, but I’ll still be posting on Instagram as usual (going ‘cold turkey’ from Instagram is simply not an option I’m willing to explore), so you can see what we’re up to in Tuscany (probably the exact same things as last year and the year before that…). If I do end up browsing the internet (quite likely – we’re away for three weeks…) I will be sure to share any stand-out finds. Keep an eye on ‘Little Spree Loves’ and ‘Sarah Loves’ (I’ve just updated both) too.
And just before I go, here are a couple more things I’ve seen and liked… These cropped, straight leg jeans from M&S (spotted them in store on Sunday), these Boden leopard print ballerinas (great with jeans), and this Topshop dress (I’ve shared this before, but I tried it on in the store this morning and it’s really nice – it does come up quite big though (even by my ‘roomy’ standards), so I would definitely order two sizes if you’re unsure and shopping online), which I didn’t buy and now (annoyingly) regret, as it’s a perfect ‘holiday dress’. Grrrr.
Happy holidays lovely ladies! Ciao for now!

Sarah xx

ps: The Outnet has a special clearance sale on. Crazy not to have a little nose right?

pps: I keep meaning to share this belt with you! I saw it months ago when I was preparing for my little shopping event with Iris – it’s fab! Great with a khaki pant, jeans, denim cut-offs…

ppps: if you fancy a little read, check out my interviews with Enlist and The White Company here and here (the cream cashmere sweater on the hottest day of the year was a BIG mistake. I was sweating like a giant pig!!).