Not Just A Yellow Dress

1. M&S dress | £49.50
2. Marte Frisnes earrings | £135.00
3. Hedgehog basket | £15.00
4. K.Jacques sandals | £175.00

I raced into M&S last week to quickly pick up a pair of cashmere booties for a friend’s baby (true story), and as I was rushing out again I stopped in my tracks when I spotted this dress. It’s so nice! Now I’m probably not in the market for a yellow dress (I guess I’m just not one for brights), but if I was to take the plunge with yellow (and I haven’t completely ruled it out), I would probably go for this dress (love the length, the tiers, the long sleeves, and the shade of yellow is spot-on – quite different from the picture on the M&S website actually). And I’d properly wear it just like this (although I also love it with Vans – I have these).
When I got home, I looked online for the dress, to see whether I could share it with you in a post (it’s always so annoying when I can’t find something online that I’ve seen and love in store). It was then that I also found this this gorgeous metallic maxi dress. And it’s on its way!! I want to wear it with a grey tee under or a grey sweatshirt over (not at the same time)…

Sarah xx

ps: Bardot dresses are not necessarily my thing, but if I was to wear one, it would probably look like this, i.e. not too girly. Love the colour!

pps: so many of you have been asking about the dress I was wearing at Iris on Saturday. It’s this one and I love it!