Just Jumpsuits

I know, I know, another jumpsuit post. How about I call it a boiler suit post instead? Haven’t done one of those yet. Ok, sorry for talking jumpsuits again (and it’s not like I’ve got nothing else to talk about – trust me, I’ve got a ton of things waiting in the wings in drafts…), but I just can’t seem to stop wearing them/finding fab ones to post (at all price points (check out this Next one – it’s pretty great)  – long gone are the days when only Issy M did decent ones that fitted properly). I feel like for me, the jumpsuit has almost replaced the dress for the item that gets the most wear in my wardrobe (second to jeans obviously). And I did not see that coming that’s for sure!
This pic of Carolyn Murphy (ok, I know, what doesn’t a model look great in?) definitely inspired me to talk about them again though, as for me, this outfit is just so perfect on every single level of style (I think this is my Issy jumpsuit, mine’s the black version – God, I wish I looked like this in it!!). And yes, we can recreate without the help of our friends Issy, Celine and Chloe. Ok, maybe just Issy…

Sarah xx

ps: I’ve had my eye on these for a while now, and finally ordered them. They arrived today and I love them! And I can’t help thinking how good they would look with all my jumpsuits!!

pps: my favourite ‘travel onesie’ is still available to buy.