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Bag | Mango
Bag | Mark Cross

I have had my eye on this (Mango) bag for ages before I actually bought it. I have LOVED the Mark Cross ones for years (ever since I saw a model with one on a shoot years ago – I was obsession at first sight!!), but the price tags are just WAY too eye watering for me. It doesn’t make me want one any less mind you!
So when I saw this Mango version, it was in my basket in a flash. After a bit of umming and ahhing (and those little email reminders, asking whether I’d ‘forgotten anything?’, it was on it’s way. It’s tiny, I can’t fit my wallet in it (it’s literally a debit card, my keys and my oyster card, that’s it ladies…), but I absolutely adore it. I love it with a chunky sweater and trainers, my army jacket or shacket – nothing too dressy. I also ditched the strap because I thought it looked a little cheap, but you might disagree? Anyway, for me it’s a big thumbs up to the totally impractical, pretty useless, annoying bag! I love mine.

Sarah xx

ps: if it makes you feel better when you’ve ordered yours (the Mango one I’m talking about now), think of the £1645.01 you’ll have saved!!

pps: this velvet box bag is really cute too for the party season…