Hippie (Home) Chic

Monsoon have had homeware in the past, but if I’m honest, nothing that got me particularly excited – just a few ‘ethnic-y’ bits and pieces. Until now. Their newly launched Monsoon Home is a tight collection of gorgeous pieces that you’re just going to love, and I have to say, it’s all very ‘me’. Now I already have two Moroccan wedding blankets on our sofas at home (oh, and that M&S sequinned cushion), so I have to go easy on the sequins, but I couldn’t resist this large square floor cushion. I love that it’s an extra seat (for those gatherings where things get a little ‘cosy’ in our sitting room, most notably at Christmas), but one that doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t make the room look crowded. I also love the relaxed, casualness of oversized floor cushions. I would probably say this is my favourite piece from the collection. We don’t have the space, but two side by side would look great. I also think it would look lovely in a kid’s room.
These are my other favourites from the collection (above) – I have the embossed tray (which also comes in a smaller size which I have too). I love a tray – they’re so useful – I use one as a space saving alternative to a drinks trolley (do people even still have those?), and one to display mix and match scented candles and tea lights on. Anything except for transporting things around the house really!! I also have the cream sequinned cushion (this will probably go down to our place in Tuscany at some point, which we are in the process of doing up) and this photo frame (I love to mix and match my frames on the mantelpiece, but still like to keep the tones and colours neutral, so this one is perfect (Marlow recently broke one of the frames with a ball, so I was looking for a replacement anyway). Oh and I also have this (two actually) striped woven basket – I like them in the kitchen, and for using as serving dishes.
To sum up I would say there are some great, affordable pieces to add little hippie or bohemian touches to your home, and all in neutral colours (well ok, with the exception of the blue metal tray, which I LOVE by the way) that will easily fit into your existing colour scheme and style. I’m definitely converted.

Sarah xx


Stripe sequin floor cushion
Sequin floor cushion
Fringe cushion
Sequin cushion (charcoal)
Sequin cushion (cream)
Sequin basket (large)
Sequin basket (small)
Large embossed tray
Metal tray
Striped edge straw basket
Sequin doorstop

*created in collaboration with Monsoon