Dresses & (Tan) Sandals

Anna October dress | £436.00
& Other Stories cat-eye sunglasses | £17.00
& Other Stories came jacket | £79.00
Mango sandals | £49.99

I’m already dreaming of summer and what I want to be wearing. I am also considering my tan sandal purchase/s. It may seem early, but trust me it’s not. They sell out so fast! I had my eye on this Issy pair, and they had sold out in my size by mid-January!! So annoying. And of course, as soon as they weren’t available, I wanted them all the more.
Once the weather is warm enough to get my toes out, I live in my trusty tan flat sandals (the last couple of summers I bought one designer pair and once high street pair and wore both pairs to death). They literally go with everything from jeans to dresses, and there are plenty of fab ones to choose from for all budgets. These are my faves below…

Sarah xx