Addicted To The Outnet

Is it just me, or is The Outnet just getting better and better? Or perhaps I’m just looking at it more? Eeek. Either way, I have found myself getting some fab things recently, and at some very satisfying prices! So I’ve decided to bring you a (completely random – everything from a statement earring to a lace bra to the most fab pair of cat eye sunglasses – already in my basket!!) selection of things that are tempting me at the moment, and think you might like too. My one tip for shopping on The Outnet? You do have to be quick once you’ve decided you really want something. I’ve lost out on many a bargain with prolonged ‘umming and ahhing’.

Sarah xx

ps: check out March 11 while you’re browsing – so gorgeous. I have a dress that I can’t wait to bust out on holiday.

pps: my basket arrived today. LOVE it!