Kooky Chic

  1. Rag & Bone sweater | £245.00
  2. & Other Stories sunglasses | £65.00
  3. Next jeans | £28.00
  4. Topshop shoes | £39.00

I can’t speak for where you are, but here in London the weather is definitely a bit all over the place. Once minute I’m in my denim cut-offs (ok, that a lie – I have wanted to be, but I currently can’t actually fit into them…) and a cheesecloth shirt, the next, back in a jumper and jeans. So consequently (and yes, annoyingly) you need to be ready for anything, and I’m invariably wearing the wrong thing on the wrong day. So with this in mind, an outfit that I put together a while ago that I was waiting for the right time to post is now today’s post. I love, love LOVE this jumper. A chunkier knit, but not heavy or bulky. I took inspiration from what I’m calling Alexa’s ‘kooky chic’ outfit. And obviously, you can easily substitute the jumper for a tee.

Sarah xx

ps: I also love the Wyse striped cashmere jumper.

pps: look out for Alexa’s Met Gala makeup secrets, coming soon to LS…

ppps: check out my little video about how to wear linen for The White Company here.