Just In

Topshop coin sandals | £32.00

Those two little words: just in. So loaded. And so guaranteed to get me (it can’t just be me??) interested. Immediately. Now I may only be two days away from my (much needed – I’m bloody exhausted…) holiday, but I have this New Look dress (the navy) on the way (I stumped up for the super-speedy evening delivery option), and possibly these Toppers coin and pom pom sandals are next. I LOVE them!! I already have these (a spontaneous Winter purchase that I almost forgot about entirely! Oops.), so may be a tough one to justify – they are a pretty similar vibe it has to be said. Anyway, if I don’t, you definitely should!!

Sarah xx

ps: I always love a lightweight scarf in a natural (obviously) colour for the plane (no matter how short the haul). This one from Mango is great (love the colour) and on sale.

pps: if Mango’s deliveries weren’t so slow, I would be ordering this too!! Maybe it’s just as well.