My Iris Summer Favourites

Isabel Marant Étoile striped jumper
A.P.C jumpsuit
By Iris lace top
Isabel Marant Étoile pocket trousers
Ganni striped jumper
A.P.C tan bag
Vanessa Bruno silk dress
By Iris cotton shorts
By Iris Lamé dot blouse
MIH frayed hem jeans
Isabel Marant Étoile  loafers
Ulla Johnson chiffon dress
K.Jacques tan sandals
Isabel Marant Étoile shell bracelet
By Iris disc bracelet
Isabel Marant Étoile beaded bracelet (black)
By Iris friendship bracelet
Isabel Marant Étoile beaded bracelet (ivory)
By Iris pom bangle
By Iris hoop earrings

Most of you will already know that I am a big fan of the Iris stores. In a time when we do more and more of our shopping (for everything!) online (and I am as guilty as the next person…), I have to say, I sometimes forget how much pleasure I get from a little visit to an actual clothes store that I love. Now, I am actually not someone who particularly loves shopping, particularly for clothes. I think this is probably a symptom of being a fashion editor and stylist (occupational hazard?) for so many years now. I particularly loathe clothes shopping for myself. Weird I know. I can’t bear trying clothes on (no Insta Stories on me in the changing rooms at H&M/Zara at Westy coming your way anytime soon!!). I get hot and bothered, flustered, and finally, depressed when I see a woman looking back at me in the changing room mirror who, frankly, I don’t recognise half the time!! But honestly, hand on heart, Iris (when I do have the time, which admittedly isn’t that often) is such a lovely store, with most of my favourite brands all under one roof, in one manageable edit, with the loveliest, friendliest staff (no swooshing, or twitching of the changing room curtain – my absolute pet hate in clothes shops) who are genuinely helpful and honest, not trying to flog you something that you both know full well when doesn’t suit you (and never will). I will often ask them their opinion on things I’m trying on, which I virtually never do when clothes shopping.
I have to say, the Chiswick store (my local) is my favourite, and any excuse to pop in, I’m there. It’s just such a pretty store with such a lovely, laid-back vibe (a little more about why I love this particular store so much here). On my last visit I left with this jumper (I’ve worn it constantly –  in fact I ‘may’ have worn it three days in a row after buying it – I absolutely love it); these trousers (generally I struggle with high waisted trousers, but persevered, and love these); this blouse (love the little collar, the metallic dots and the semi-sheerness – a great blouse to add to jeans if you want something a little more ‘dressed up, but sill dressed down’ if you know what I mean?); and these sandals (a slightly sturdier version of my trusty Mango and Zara glads, that I live in. I cannot stress enough how useful a tan sandal is during the Summer.
So I’ve pulled together some of my favourites (there were simply too many to include them all) in this post for you. If you don’t already know about By Iris, the store’s own label, you definitely need to check it out – it’s a very clever edit of pieces that echo the overall style and feel of the designers stocked in the stores, at great price points. I love all the cotton pieces, such as this pretty top; this dress; and these shorts. These have also added a few pieces for little girls to the collection – super-sweet.
I feel like Iris is a bit of ‘one stop shop’ for Summer, perfect if you can’t face the ‘trawl’ of various shops (even online this can be exhausting sometimes…) and definitely for a spot of pre-holiday shopping. And of course, it goes without saying that they have a fantastic website too. But if you do happen to be near a store, pop in!

Sarah xx

ps: I’m also a little obsessed with their quilted cotton wash bags. Love the pretty prints!

This post was created in collaboration with Iris