Socks And Sandals

Now this is not going to be a post for everyone, and indeed, the very subject of paring a sock and a sandal under any circumstances can be a divisive one at best. Personally I am fully onboard. ‘Give a statement sandal a chic and cold-weather friendly update with the additional of a sock…’ (I read that on the & Other Stories website, liked it, and cut and pasted it). But as always, there are a few caveats to consider. Personally I would only wear a sock and a sandal with a jean (cropped or cuffed) or a trouser (ditto). And I would probably wear something pretty understated on my top half – I’m thinking  the usuals – a chunky knit, a grey sweatshirt (sorry, still loving a sweatshirt for any occassion – I know I’m so predictable…), or a boyish style striped shirt. I think for me, the key is to downplay the statement of the combo of a sock and sandal (because there’s no getting away from it, it is a statement). That’s not to say that I don’t like this combo worn with skirts and dresses, I actually really do, but just not on me sadly. I think as forty three year old mama of two, that ship has probably sailed for me. But that’s just me. I don’t believe in hard and fast, ‘one size fits all’ rules in fashion.
But it’s a look I have always loved, and have dabbled with from time to time. And it’s definitely having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now (check out the Isabel Marant pics above from her Spring/Summer 2018 show). As are glittery socks, which I’m also loving. I bought these ones the other day, and they’re great. Planning on wearing them next week for dinner with friends.
Also, a Mary Jane (mid heel or flat) can look great with a sock too (go for grey). So that’s another option if it just feels plain weird to have your ‘socked’ toes on show…
To sum up, the reason I love this look is because it’s so easy to execute! You almost certainly already have a shoe in your wardrobe that will work, and a grey sock? If not, I’ve rounded up some options below… And frankly, it’s just too bloody cold to get your toes out of an evening, unless you have a chauffeur. Sadly not.

Sarah xx

ps: and whilst we’re on the subject of socks, look who’s done cashmere ones for Winter?

pps: and also, I NEVER have any luck with those annoying ‘sockettes’ (‘footsies’? That just sounds plain weird!?!) to wear with trainers/hi-tops. Without fail, they ALWAYS end up creeping down your foot, concluding in an uncomfortable, awkward, and irriatating pit-stop when you’re on the move, where you have to remove your shoe and re-organise said stupid sock!! Urgh. I mean, who’s got time for that?? So, my lovely friend, Kate from Wears My Money is always banging on about how great these M&S ones are, so I decided to finally buy some yesterday to see what all the fuss is about. She wasn’t wrong! Best ones ever. Wore them today and can confirm that they did not budge once. Amen to that. Life is tough enough without sock issues in the mix…