What’s Actually On My (Iris) Wishlist

Dress | Masscob
Bag | Fabienne Chapot
Shoes | Isabel Marant Étoile
Blouse | By Iris
Trousers | By Iris
Sandals | Ganni
Jacket | Isabel Marant Étoile
Bracelet | Isabel Marant Étoile
Bracelet | Anna & Nina
Bangle | Marte Frisnes
Coat | Vaness Bruno Athé
Trainers | Isabel Marant Étoile
Sweater: Isabel Marant Étoile
Beannie | American Vintage
Belt |By Iris
Cushion | Atsuyo Et Akiko
Candle | Bella Freud
Matches | Bella Freud
Wrist warmers | Isabel Marant Étoile

Another date for your diary ladies: Thursday 30th November. I’m very excited to be hosting another fabulous shopping event with Iris, following the huge success of the last one. This time I’ll be at their (newly re-opened) Nothcote Road store in South-West London, and I cannot wait! The theme will be Christmas shopping (for us and for them), and there will be an exclusive 20% discount on the night, which will extend to all the gorgeous accessories, gifty things (yes, even the Bella Freud candles!!), and the kids’ collection. It will be the perfect chance to shop for ourselves (get that Christmas party wardrobe sorted) and our Christmas lists. There will even be a special ‘Christmas hint list’ for your other halves, which you can fill in and leave there, just for him! How brilliant is that? And I will be on hand to help you shop (should you need it??), or with any styling advice you might want, and just to say hi. I will post more details a little nearer the time, but for now, make sure it’s in your diary! 30th November. It’s going to be fun. See you there!
Oh, and these are just some of things I’ve got my eye on/am obsessed with/want to buy…

Sarah xx

ps: some of you who know me well, may be wondering why the Marte Frisnes feather cuff made it into my edit, seeing as I already have one. Well, it’s a good point. Don’t tell Tom (luckily he never reads Little Spree – even when he’s written a book review!!), but I lost it in Italy in the Summer. Eeeek. I am still sad about it. And I can’t bring myself to tell him, as it was a birthday present.

pps: the shoes I was wearing on Instagram Stories today are last year’s & Other Stories. BUT, a quick snoop on the site revealed that they have done them again!! Here they are.