Swimwear Shopping in February

Perfect weather for buying swimwear don’t you think? Hmm, possibly not. But I have seen some great one pieces and bikinis around, and if, like me, you like your swimwear simple, stylish and black (and well cut), now is definitely a good time to start looking. Weirdly the simplest is often the hardest to find, come holiday time. So a bit like (cleverly) buying your winter coat in August (as many a savvy shopper or stylist will do), buying swimwear in January and stashing it away until your summer holiday is a smart move. Particularly if you are as particular about what you like as I am.
My favourites are from J.Crew (this, this, this and this one, which all come in black), Boden (I have a black scalloped swimsuit from Boden that I bought a couple of summers ago and love) and Next.

Sarah xx

ps: not necessarily plain black, but how pretty is this one piece (it reminds me of my favourite costume ever, which I had when I was sixteen – it’s actually in my basket), and I love this one too (very similar style to my trusty Boden one actually)?

pps: I promise to do another swimwear post, a little later in the year, because I have also seen a lot of gorgeous swimwear that falls into the printed and/or pretty category.

ppps: I’ve had a few post requests recently, and the most requested have included trainers and lingerie. Stay tuned.