(How To) Style Your Bump

photo: Caroline de Maigret

There has definitely been an improvement in the maternity clothing market since I was pregnant with the twins over seven years ago. There was the odd great thing, but they were few and far between. I actually bought very few actual maternity clothes – just a couple of pairs of jeans – from Gap and Topshop, and a couple of dresses, and that was it. Instead I lived in my regular clothes (at the time I fell pregnant I was loving a short, smocky dress (conveniently enough!) with tights and an ankle boot (some flat, some ridiculously high for a soon-to-be mama of twins!), which saw me well throughout my pregnancy. Then I would supplement with mens’ shirts and cashmere crew neck jumpers with skinny jeans. I was pregnant during the winter, which I do think is a lot easier. Anyway, not that much has changed in the way I dress now really – I still switch between tomboy and pretty and girly. I have included some non-maternity pieces in my edit today. Mix them in with a few carefully chosen maternity pieces, and you’ll be sorted. I used to just rotate five outfits for work, then lived in the shirt/jumper/jeans combo at the weekends. Oh, and you definitely need one great dress for special occasions (I was lucky enough to borrow a Prada one from my friend Vanessa who I worked with at Glamour at the time – it saw me through christenings, weddings and various parties) – I’ve found some here. And if you can manage a heel for these parties/events, do. I found they made all the difference to how I looked and felt (even though my puppies may well have been barking…).

Sarah xx

ps: you might also want to have a snoop in the MAMA-TO-BE Shop.

pps: did you know that my favourite Numero 74 girls dresses now come in mama sizes? And a ton of colours. Love them!

ppps: I’m rather tempted (and no, there are definitely no buns in this oven…) by this La Redoute folky dress I found. Perfect for Summer.