Mama’s Going ‘Out Out’!!

There is nothing like a party to get us ladies in a spin about what to wear. Even as a fashion editor and stylist I struggle to choose an outfit for a ‘do’ without there being a certain level of stress involved. Being a certified denim addict, parties (in particular the Christmas variety, where the sparkle factor required is generally way above and beyond which I care to be within a thousand yards of) come only second to weddings, for outfit anxiety! As a low key dresser (who’s default is not a dress) my main fear is turning up to a party and feeling underdressed. It’s not that I don’t make an effort (I do) it’s more that you never quite know how dressed up (especially if this is their biggest night out all year) the other guests are going to be. I’ve figured out that a tux says evening like no other jacket (unless of course you are wearing a sequin or marabou number, neither of which I’m likely to do or suggest)! A tux can pretty much be teamed with anything (dress, trousers, skirt, the essential jeans, preferably black) and transform it into a party look. Add a camisole to jeans, slide on a pair of heels and some statement earrings (have you checked out my post from earlier this week) et voila!
Now, for all of you who would sooner be seen dead at a party in jeans (I know they do not tick the dressed up box for some) there are numerous dress options out there,  but if I had to choose I would go for an LBD (obvious I know, but if it ain’t broke….), velvet, silk or satin are the most party appropriate and a biker thrown over the top will add a little cool factor. If Morticia is not your style heroine and you want something a bit lighter, then go for a chiffon printed number and add a tweed coat for that feminine meets borrowed from the boys look that works so well.

Have fun on the dance floor, ladies!

Des xx

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