Wedding Fever

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Firstly, I must apologise for the dry spell in terms of posting. I am currently on day six of a seven day shoot, and to be completely honest with you, I’m just too tired in the evenings to post. But worry not, I will resume regular posting at the end of the week, and in the meantime I just wanted to share something quickly. Wedding season is almost upon us, and I am going to a family wedding on 1st June, so am fully tuned in on the whole ‘what to wear to a wedding’ scenario. I have been planning a wedding post for some time now, and it’s coming (soon), but in the meantime, this is a dress that I love; has the Valentino vibes; and has a pretty great price tag (no Valentino vibes there, thank God!!) for a ‘special’ dress that you can trot out time and time again (check out this post for more on this…). Personally I love a floor length dress with an oversized blazer/tuxedo style jacket thrown over (and it makes a nice change from a black biker jacket). Stay tuned for what I decide on…

Sarah xx

ps: if you can’t wait for my wedding post, and your dress situation is urgent, you may well find something here