Girls Winter Coats

Girls Winter coats - Little Spree

1. Jigsaw Raw Edge (4-13 years), £65.00-£69.00
2. Bellerose Herringbone (3-16 years), £96.85
3. Babe & Tess Wool (2-12 years), £82.55
4. Monsoon Leopard Print (3-13 years), £55.00
5. Boden Reefer (9-16 years), £76.95

We’ve shared our Winter coat edit for us (that’s us sorted!), now it’s time for the ‘mini me’ versions. Starting with the girls. So many gorgeous ones out there to choose from. We’ve chosen a section of coats for various budgets, but if you can, a Winter coat is definitely something worth the splurge. Just think how often it’s going to be worn (if you like in the UK anyway!). We always invest in our kids’ coats, and have never regretted it. In fact, I’ve already bought this coat for Tabitha. She also has this leopard print Monsoon one (above), which I love (I’m actually quite jealous actually), so that’s all bases covered. I actually removed the (detachable) collar – I like that you have the option of wearing it two ways.
Jigsaw also has some great coats for girls. We like this parka, this navy wool coat, and this raw edge coat in navy and oatmeal.

Sarah & Nicky xx

A few more girls’ coats we’re loving right now…