Back To School: Girls Shoes

Little Spree - girls school shoes edit
Primigi Olea Mary Jane School Shoes

Another day, another pair of Mary Janes. But this time, it’s fair to say, they’re a little less inspiring. School shoes. Sigh. Dull, boring, but inevitable from the age of four upwards. The thing is, take a tip from us – don’t waste unnecessary energy searching for stylish options. We’ve done it (this will be our third year in fact) and the options are limited to say the least, and the groundwork tedious at best. Another gem of wisdom we can pass on to all (you can thank us later) is that the same styles are repeated term after term, year after year. So if you find a pair that don’t make you want to vomit, stick with them. I have bought Tabitha this exact pair from Primigi for the last year and a half I think. They are simple, plain, velcro, and comfortable. Done, done and done.
Other pretty respectable options include these from John Lewis, John Lewis, Geox (if laces are indeed an option), StartRite (if buckles are allowed), and if you’re lucky enough to be able to wear navy shoes at your daughter’s school (I’m very jealous!), these and these are both great options.

Sarah & Nicky xx