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Decorative globe | Anthropologie

I love globes. I’ve always loved them. I always scour car boot sales and antiques fairs for old ones, but it’s so rare to see a great one. We had an amazing one in our sitting room that Tom found in a car boots sale once, but sadly it got knocked and broke (it was was perfectly ‘shabby’, and subsequently pretty fragile), and I have yet to find a replacement.
I then searched for one for Tabitha and Marlow’s room (when they were much younger, and still sharing), and found a great one (although very inaccurate geographically (those ones tend to be the most plastic-y in my experience), it looked great!) in Zara Home (some of you may remember it?). That one got knocked and broken by one of the cats. And I have been searching for a suitable replacement ever since. And yesterday I found it (naturally, when I wasn’t even looking) it. In Anthopologie on the Kings Road. And the best bit? It comes in two colours, so I bought one for Tabitha (the gorgeous pink) and Marlow’s room (the black).

Sarah xx

ps: in other news, this dress has arrived at M&S!! You’d better be quick though!!