Candle Love

I love a scented candle. No big surprise there. But not just any old scented candle – I am as picky about my smells as I am about my clothes. In fact, there are actually very few that I really love the smell of. Diptique are all-time, go-to favourites – the ‘Celine’ of the scented candle world. But they also have the Celine-esque price tag to go with that premium. They have gone from indulgent to slightly ridiculously priced I have to say. It doesn’t make me love them any less, but it definitely makes me buy them less! They are now an ‘every now and again’ special treat, or a MOST welcome present. But there are a few new scented candle brands on the scene, vying for my attention. The first is called SevenSeventeen, and it’s fab. I am already a convert. Founded by two friends and magazine journalists (and mamas to five little ones between them) who felt inspired to launch their own affordable luxury collection of  ‘mood-boosting’ scented candles for ‘burnt out’ mamas. These candles smell heavenly, but also (just as importantly, in my book) look great on the mantlepiece. As they put it:
“We’ve always relished lighting a sumptuous scented candle in order to restore sanity levels and instil some calm. And together with a shared passion for interiors, we were inspired to launch our own affordable luxury collection. One that is made from natural plant wax; that smells divine; looks good on the mantelpiece; supports other mothers; and helps us clock off from the chaos once our kids are in bed – on a good day at around Seven Seventeen”.
I love the beautiful, but modern paired-down design, the names and moods for each one, and the lids are a clever, thoughtful little addition – perfect for seasoned travellers like myself. Many a time I have packed a trusty Diptique (and not necessarily the travel size either, foolishly) in a cashmere sock, and kept my fingers crossed for a long-haul flight that it doesn’t smash. One of my favourite SevenSeventeen scents is the Moroccan Rose, and mine is definitely coming with me on my next trip at the beginning of April. On paper, it always sounds bit Martha Stewart-y to take a scented candle way with you, but it really helps me feel more cosy and settled when I’m away from the family in a hotel room on my own. I burn one in the evenings, then I love that my room smells homely and familiar when I get back to it after a long day on set the next day. These little things really do make all the difference when you travel a lot.
My second is Atelier58 from the wonderful Lisa from Edit.58 and Jon from Atelier Big Jon. Lisa basically was getting through a fair amount of her favourite Diptiques, and bankcrupting herself in the process. So together with Jon she decided to design and produce her own collection, if nothing else, to save a few pounds! The result is a cleverly curated collection of scented candles that combine truly wonderful fragrances with their colour counterpart, and echo Lisa’s talent of creating a warm and welcoming home with the right amount (and the right shades) of colours and Jon’s design background. I am still working my way through the different scents, but I can wholeheartedly recommend the Charcoal (handpicked for me by Lisa herself – based on my Diptique favourites). As Lisa puts it:
“There’s nothing nicer than lighting a scented candle at the end of a busy day (alongside pouring a large glass of red.) edit58 has collaborated with our creative ‘husband’ BigJon to create a unique candle brand, Atelier58. We’ve begun by pulling together five classics for all you interior, colour and candle lovers.
So there you have it.

Sarah xx

ps: and one last thing about SevenSeventeen – their gorgeous mood-boosting candles make the perfect de-stress gift for every burnt out mother but they also help to light the way for those amongst us facing bigger daily struggles. They proudly donate £1 from the sale of every candle to PANDAS Foundation, which does incredible work offering advice and support to mothers suffering from pre and postnatal mental illness. Such a worthwhile cause.