Cheap Chic Baskets

Ikea seagrass basket | £9.00

Today’s post is short and sweet. For a quick (and super-cheap!!) basket fix, get down to your local Ikea (or, if like me, you never get around to going (and when you do, you can’t find this particular basket there anyway, and just head straight to the cafe to console yourself with a plate of meatballs and chips…), just add a few more things that you didn’t know you needed and get a delivery!!). Such a bargain and perfect for storing anything and everything. And when I was out an outfitting yesterday, a very stylish someone (Sarah) was using it (yes, this very one) as a bag. And it looked fab. So, meatballs and chips (and maybe a slice of Dime bar cake?), here I come…

Sarah xx

ps: And don’t think for one second, it’ll just be the one I’ll be buying either!