The Chic-est (Bargain) Bunks

photos: Helena Sandberg

I couldn’t not share this amazing find! I mean, how gorgeous are these fabric bunk beds? I saw them this morning in the most beautiful feature about Anna Bromilow, ex Fashion Editor and co-founder of Little Circle (read more about it here), and these are her three equally beautiful daughters in their bedroom – the dreamy pictures were shot in her newly re-furbished to-die-for “perfect” London home – trust me, you will want to see more – you can read the whole feature on Wardrobe Icons here.
Anyway, I just wanted to share these bunk beds, as so many of you ask me about Marlow’s metal bunks (which he and Tabitha used to share, and are sadly no longer available to buy); and just stylish bunk beds in general. If I was looking again, I would definitely buy these. Without a doubt. So chic (I love the oatmeal fabric). Plus they are slightly smaller than your average bunk beds (3ft), so perfect for smaller spaces. Plus I love that they are low. Oh, and I haven’t shared THE best bit yet?? Wait for it…
These beds are from TESCO!! Yes really. No, I couldn’t believe it either.

Sarah xx