Deck The Halls (not just the tree)


  1. Walther  & Co, £15.48
    2. Walther & Co, £18.92
    3. Oliver Bonas, £9.50
    4. M&S, £4.00 (3 for 2)
    5. John Lewis, £3.00 (for set of two)
    6. M&S, £5.00 (3 for 2)
    7. Oliver Bonas, £9.50
    8. M&S, £3.00 (3 for 2)
    9. Walther & Co, £39.56

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas, particularly the run-up to Christmas! And anyone who knew me when I was pregnant with the twins in 2009 (wow that sounds like a very long time ago…), also knows what Christmas and a double dose of hormones can do to a girl! I was like a mad woman, buying Christmas decorations every  day on my way home from work from 1st December. I literally jangled when I walked. I am not even kidding. Anyway, where was I going with this?

The fact is, I’m one of those people who loves Christmas and everything about it.

But one of the things I like most is decorating the house (I don’t stop at the tree – no way! Why would you when there are mantelpieces, bannisters and windows to decorate??). Hardcore Little Spree readers will know that one of my traditions is to decorate (all) the windows with these snowflake stickers (bulk buy though, one packet doesn’t go far). Honestly, they look so pretty, and make the house look and feel so magical from the inside out. I love them.

We have a White Company wreath that I always hang on the front door. They are quite pricey, but we’ve had ours for years, so well worth the investment. This one comes in two sizes. Needless to say I hang one on the outside and the inside of our door. I then hide (warm white, battery operated) fairy lights for added Christmas-ness.
Another top tip is this tree skirt (who knew they were a ‘thing’?) from John Lewis. We have one from a few years ago and it’s fab. No one wants to see the naff plastic tree stand.
Love this Nutcracker tree topper, and how sweet is this stocking holder?Anyway, if you come to our house around Christmas time (that’ll be from 1st December onwards), you’ll find a cosy haven (rather than a grotto, I hope…) with a giant Christmas tree, wreaths, fairy lights, garlands, pom pom garlands, snowflake stickers, candles, stockings (I have Tabarlow’s hanging up on the mantelpieces the whole time, not just on Christmas Eve), and my favourite Diptique candles

Sarah xx

ps: I have just ordered this antique silver garland and these lights.

pps: we don’t know about you, but we’ve got a full-on case of Black Monday/Cyber Monday fatigue. We’re over it. But if you do still have it in you, most of the codes from Friday’s post are valid until midnight tonight.

ppps: don’t forget to check out our Interiors Shop for more inspiration (Christmas-y and non).


Here are some of our favourite stockings and sacks…