Deck The Halls

One of the nicest things about Christmas has to be watching the enjoyment kids get from decorating the tree. Long gone are the days when the choice of decorations consisted of a pack of flimsy baubles that would smash with the lightest touch. The bauble/decoration game has been seriously raised with all manner of fantastical creations to choose from, so to save you some time (I know how crazy-hectic December can be) I’ve edited a selection of some of the best out there.  My personal favourites are the felt designs and I buy a few each year to add to our collection (they also don’t break so great for kids). I love fairy lights too and not just for the tree – they look so pretty strewn around the house (tangled up the staircase, draped over a fireplace…), but I do find that they need replacing every couple of years because they either get too tangled whilst sat in a box for a year (how does that happen?) that it’s easier just to go and buy new ones. Or several of the bulbs just stop working!!  There are  discounts to be had when shopping for tree decorations in December – The White Company and Anthropologie have made price reductions on certain decorations, so now’s a good time to add or replenish.  We’re going to get our tree this weekend (as is Sarah) and as soon as it goes up, it’s at that point that everything starts to feel really Christmassy!

Des xx