Etsy Home

I’m all over Etsy right now. I have to admit, I was a bit late to the party – I kind of thought it was all bit too home-spun for my tastes (I assumed everything was either knitted/handmade or geared towards country weddings…). But how wrong I was! Recently I have been ordering so many things for the house. I love the slight randomness of it too – they have such a broad range of things. I have to say, the Home & Living section is definitely where it’s at for me – anywhere that can make me a pom pom wreath for my front door (I think you all know who inspired this purchase -the gorgeous Lisa from Edit.58), and supply me with the prettiest festoon lights (trust me, these are by far the best I have found, and I’ve been looking for a while. The bulbs are glass, so they look really expensive) for my tiny courtyard garden, new (stackable) classic science-lab style stools (as recommended by a lovely Little Spree reader actually – thank you Janine) for the kids to sit on in the kitchen (the old ones were too squeaky apparently…), and a super-cool Kate Moss print (I love that you just get the print – I am very picky about frames, and always like to get my pictures framed myself, so often end up re-framing anyway) for my landing gets my vote. I also bought his fab folding card table (mine was a one-off vintage one, like many things are on Etsy (think of it as a trip to Kempton market, minus the early start and haggling – you’ll find gorgeous, rugs, eiderdowns and bedlinen…), but this one is pretty similar – I love a trestle style table as they can have so many uses. I have been using mine as a ‘crafting’ table for the kids, and also for a little al fresco drinks table when we have people over. It has a million uses actually. Then when you don’t need it, it just folds up and stored away – perfect for people like me who live in small spaces, but with a lot of clutter.
Things do sell out, but don’t worry, you can email the individual shop/supplier (this is another thing I love about the site – it feels a bit like an online (upscale) market, made up of individual ‘stalls’, and you get the personal/friendly service that comes with that, and they will inform you when/if more are coming in stock. I did this with the festoon lights, as I loved them so much I wanted to order another set straight away. The seller informed me that they had sold out, but emailed me when they got more in (they’re on their way). Perfect.
So I did a ‘little’ shop, and these are the (rather random I know!) things I bought. But (of course) I now have a long shopping list of things that I also want to buy (see below a mix of everything!).

Sarah xx

ps: so many of you ask me about Tabarlow’s old school desk in their bedroom. Etsy is where you’ll score one (see below).

pps: in other, non home-related news, this is on its way…

*this post was created in collaboration with Etsy