Home Time

photos: Rita Konig

A few people have been telling me how much they love the Little Spree Home Shop, but that they often forget it’s there. So here’s a little reminder, and a little edit of just some of things in there right now. How gorgeous is this rug? And it’s now half price! I’m SO tempted. Such a bargain for something so beautiful that looks so much more expensive.
Also, it’s worth noting that La Redoute currently has one of their fab 40% off everything (God, I love that it’s off everything – I hate those sales where you get all excited, only to discover (usually at checkout) that the things you actually want to buy are excluded. Beyond annoying), and there are quite a few pieces from there in my edit (including the square version of my coffee table which so many of you have asked about). So take a peek.  The White Company currently has 20% off, including my bed. And don’t forget, you can now search the site via ‘Brands’, so when there’s a sale/discount code like this you can quickly find everything I have posted from a particular store/brand, to make the most of the offer.

Sarah xx

ps: I saw this super-cool garden furniture (below) at a recent M&S Kids Autograph press day a while back, and couldn’t believe it was M&S’s own – I just assumed it was part of the location. Definitely worth checking out…