Interiors Week | Nicky’s selects

1. Branche D’Olive Cloud Diffuser, £35.00
2. Shabby Chic Set of 3 Mercury Bud Vases, £14.00
3. La Redoute Set of 2 Metal Trunks, £65.00
4. Mignon Cuckoo Clock, £49.00
5. M&S Velvet Cushion, £19.50
6. Swiss Epure Eco Cordless Phone, £70.37
7. Hay Bronze hangers, £9.43
8. Rockett St George Industrial Film Lamp, £200.00

When we first bought our home it had no kitchen, bathroom (except an old loo too despicable to mention), no flooring, lighting, not even much plaster on the walls. It was the perfect blank canvass. I immediately began to create beautiful mood boards of how I imagined each room would look. Ah, the blissful ignorance of a first time renovator. Of course, as anyone who has braved building works knows, houses have ideas of their own. It was a sage lesson in the art of compromise and the fact that there can be great beauty in imperfection (our building has no straight lines!). I also realised that I’m a bit of a minimalist; not the stainless steel, polished marble type of minimalist, more the simple aesthetic type. I like to mix soft velvets with vintage industrial pieces or stack metal storage trunks with pretty copper locks (I use the ones above to store all of our hats and mittens). Delicate scents from candles or flowers make me happy (I tend to buy simple stems for multiple vases) and my next purchases will be these lovely copper hangers, the soft tassel cushion and this vintage linen look bedding. The strange and inexplicable thing is, for a minimalist, I always seem to have a pretty long wish list!

Nicky x