Bedknobs & Broomsticks

photos: US Vogue

These two little girls’ rooms are probably two of the most gorgeous I’ve ever come across. I first saw the feature on this Brooklyn house of dreams, owned by landscape designer, Miranda Brooks, in American Vogue way before I was even pregnant. So kids’ bedrooms were not particularly on my radar. But these rooms are so gorgeous, I wanted one just for me! Oh, and if you love these bedrooms, you are definitely going to want a little snoop around the rest of her house (and small, but perfectly formed garden) – a quick search on Google will take you there…
Anyway, so the reason I am sharing these rooms in the first place (apart from the fact that I just knew you would love them too) is that I am once again thinking of Tabitha and Marlow’s room. Or, I should say, rooms. As you know, at the moment they are sharing, but now they’ve turned seven we think the time is coming for them to have their own rooms. No urgency – I’m just starting to think about it, and the logistics (it means we will lose our guest bedroom/my office that I never, ever use). So the first thing I started thinking about is their beds. We may well consider buying the same white iron bunk beds that they have now as they’re fab. Then that solves the whole ‘sleepover’ problem – plenty of beds to go around! I am also looking for single iron beds (I think we’re going to go for The White Company ones – I love the simplicity and they are such a good price even before the current 20% off) for our place in Tuscany (before you hate me, I promise you it’s not as grand as it probably sounds, but it’s definitely very old (14th Century) and full of character). We are in the process of slowly doing it up, and I’m gradually working my way through the property, replacing things (watch this space, as in the not too distant future we will be renting it out…). The beds are next on my list. I want to get iron beds, including two for kids. These are my favourites that I have found so far (as well as some metal bunk beds in case anyone is looking for those – I found the original search for ours a lot harder than I’d anticipated. Although I am very particular about the details – I did not want ones with horizontal bars on the top bunk…). I just love traditional beds for kids’ rooms, and I love that you can then mix, match and layer your bedlinen to your heart’s content.

Sarah xx