Quilts, Quilts And More Quilts

photo: Tim Walker

La Redoute pre-washed linen quilt | £101.00

As most of you probably already know I LOVE to pile on as many quilts, throws and eiderdowns as I possibly can on the beds in my house. Let me tell you though, this does not make for a speedy bed making process in the mornings… Anyway, with that aside, I just saw these pre-washed linen quilts (love the white, taupe and powder pink) on the La Redoute website this evening, and they inspired me to dedicate a post specifically to them. Loving the little ‘tufty’ details. This tasselled version is gorgeous too (and cheaper). I love a printed quilt (this M&S one has been a permanent fixture in the Little Spree Home Shop and it’s vintage-y feel is definitely worth a look) , but these plain linen ones are fab, and will just add that gorgeous cosy, layered ‘Princess And The Pea’ look that I adore (yeah the one that adds on a good ten minutes to my mornings. That one.). Oh and I almost forgot – La Redoute has a 30% off code (summer) at the moment! Whoop!

Sarah xx

ps: and talking of The Princess And The Pea, this is just so cute. My sister bought it for Tabitha for Christmas and she absolutely loves it, and plays with it for hours. Good training for later life!!

pps: Etsy sometimes have some gorgeous vintage eiderdowns. Definitely worth a look.