Leave A Light On For Me

Idyll Home (from notonthehighstreet.com) desk lamp | £195.00
The White Company Bed | £795.00
The White Company Bedlinen | from £15.00

I have to say I actually often find shopping for interiors even more fun than shopping for clothes. I know – who knew? I’ve always been a real homebody and have always loved a cosy home that feels both welcoming to guests as well as stylish and personal to me and my family. But just like fashion, with interiors for me it’s all about the details. It’s not just about the paint colour on the walls, or the style of sofa you invest in, but the smaller, seemingly more unassuming objects such as cushions and lamps that are every bit as important, and make all the difference to the overall effect you want to achieve.
I’m all about the lamps (I hate what I refer to as ‘the big light’ – why do men always want ‘the big light’on??), but find it tricky finding ones I like, particularly table/bedside lamps. I never see ones I really like, or that seem to ‘fit’ in our house. Our bedroom is pretty small, and our bedside tables are both pretty crammed with books and various others paraphernalia (I have photographed Tom’s side for the sake of this post (above) – his looked much less jumbled than mine, plus he had a more interesting book selection…). So space is limited. I have been looking for a simple, stylish lamp (or rather, two – one for each side) that doesn’t take up too much room, for some time now. And I found it at notonthehighstreet.com. I absolutely love it, and it feels so right in our bedroom. It’s solid and sturdy too, which I like (lots of lamps can feel a bit flimsy and delicate), plus not easily knocked over by excitabable bed-jumping kids/cats. Mission accomplished.

Sarah xx

ps: our bedside tables are ancient, but The White Company has a very similar version.

*this post was created in collaboration with notonthehighstreet.com