Art For Children’s rooms

The time has finally come. Marlow wants his own room, so it’s finally time to ‘split’ Tabarlow up (it’s also probably time to stop calling them Tabarlow, but I only really only do it here these days…). It actually feels really strange to me, as they have slept in the same room for pretty much their entire lives (even during their two month stint in the neonatal unit when they were born: separate incubators, side by by side.  Sob. Anyway, it is the right time (lots of bickering about when to turn the light out at bedtime, just like an old married couple…), and Marlow couldn’t be more excited. And take a moment to picture my face when he asked if he could have a Star Wars duvet set!!??

So of course, with the change comes a new bedroom to organise (bye bye guest bedroom/office that I never use, but is FULL of all my crap, and taking me DAYS to sort through…). In may ways it will be great because it means I no longer have to navigate the (ever trickier the older they get) whole boy/girl interior details. Marlow is definitely wanting a ‘boy cave’ (he’s already asked whether he can shut the door!!), and that’s fine. I will, of course, share some details as and when (I’m aiming to get him fully moved in by Christmas), but in the meantime it’s got me thinking about what I’m going to put on the walls. I have already ordered a giant M (70cm x 100cm) from the wonderful Atelier BigJon, and I’m planning on getting this huge wall sticker, which I love),  and I will just leave it at that for the time being (he’s requested the bunkbeds that they already have, and his room has three windows, so very limited wall space for pictures). But I thought today I would share some prints that I love (and some that I’ve have always loved – they had the Apple Papple and Pirum Pirum pear prints in their room for many years. And in fact, Tabitha has requested that she has them back in her room when the time comes, so luckily (and amazingly) I haven’t given them away. I also love the Rifle Paper Co (we have Paris and New York) city prints. This is a little selection of prints I like for all ages, but I guess they are a little more focussed on the baby/younger kids end of the market. Wall art is a great (and pretty inexpensive) way of really making a child’s room a really gorgeous, personal, cosy space. I love to mix things up – pretty, whimsical with graphic typography, vintage with new, animal prints, monochrome, botanical…

Happy Sunday!

Sarah xx

ps: I also rather like this star print wallpaper for a boy’s room.