The White Company Home Sale Edit

The White Company always have great sales. In fact, I often used to only buy things in the sale. So I thought I would round up a few of my favourite things (many of which I already have and love) from the home collection. The little ‘bud vases’ (small and mini) are fab by the way. I never would have thought to buy them, then I saw them used by the lovely (and uber-talented) Philippa Craddock as part of the prettiest table setting (above). I immediately ordered two of each style. They look great grouped together with little sprigs in (just pick them from your garden, or nick them from your nearest park?). And I love that they’re little! I hate tall vases of flowers on tables – you can’t see your guests!!
This is also the time I stock up on new towels and bedlinen.

Sarah xx

ps: these storage tins are SO useful for hiding all that crap that just piles up everywhere, particularly in the kitchen. Actually, I do still have piles of crap as well as the stylish tins…