Me Me Me

  1. & Other Stories sweatshirt | £45.00
  2. Jérôme Dreyfus bag | £520.00
  3. Next jeans | £28.00
  4. & Other Stories flats | £65.00

I feel like I wear a variation on the same theme a lot of the time – grey sweatshirts, jeans, ballerina flats, leopard print on rotation… But you ladies seem to like it, so today I thought I’d just keep things really simple and post a very ‘me’ outfit. Does this make me a self-obessessed narcissist? I hope not! An enabler? 100%. Sorry!
Now I love a dash of leopard print, and one of my favourite (and most tried and tested) ways to wear it is with grey and denim, ideally a grey sweatshirt/cashmere sweater, jeans and some kind of ballerina flat. It keeps things low-key, ‘off-duty’, and a bit cooler. And never, ever more than one leopard print piece per outfit. I am not saying this is the law (the law of leopard?), or that you can’t do it, I’m just saying for me, it would never happen. Now I already have these jeans (and I have to say, have been pretty much wearing them non-stop – believe me, I was not expecting to find a great pair of jeans in Next, and I am certainly no jeans snob), and I have my New Look satin ballet flats, which are sadly no longer available, but I already have this & Other Stories pair on my wish/shopping list. I have seen them in the store, and they are fab. To be honest, although pricier than my New Looks (God, I wish I’d bought two pairs! Why didn’t I buy two pairs??), they are much sturdier (mine would definitely not survive any kind of storm or dog fowling situation that’s for sure), suede and well, just more expensive looking. Because they are! Now this bag. This exact bag has been on my Lust List (note the difference between ‘lust’ and ‘wish’ – usually a price difference, and the difference between reality and fiction, and immediate and delayed gratification) for literally years and years. But because I already have ‘that’ (you know the one) Antik Batik leopard print bag, I just couldn’t justify it. Ok, I do still have the Antik Batik bag, but I really, really, really want this one. I already have the Bobi in black leather (Tom bought it for my birthday last January) and I have pretty much used it every day since. And I still love it now. I love that his bags are the complete opposite to to an ‘it bag’ (been there, done that, had the soul-destroying Ebay sales to prove it…) – hence the fact that he just does the same styles, year in, year out (I also seriously covet the Bobi in snakeskin, but now this is getting silly…). Anyway, I’m going to sign off now (I want to squeeze in an Episode of Billions and a trip to the dump in before pick-up), so in conclusion, I think this bag (the leopard) will be the next bag I purchase, and if I love it even half as much (and for half as long) as my Antik Batik one, it will be a great investment indeed. Food for thought.
Happy Friday lovely ladies!

Sarah xx