Mama Spree | Take Me To The Beach (Please!)

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I’ve been counting down the days, hours, minutes, and now seconds until our holiday. And that day is almost upon us. Finally! My holiday wardrobe is a pretty pared down, simple one, and pretty much the same as it has been for the last few years (with just a few new additions, naturally!). It goes something like this: denim cut-offs, folk style dresses (some long, some short), pretty/hippie tops and blouses, some kind of embroidered tunic (my one is now half price in the sale before I’ve even had a chance to wear it!), a slouchy cashmere sweater (for the occasional chilly evening), a couple of swimsuits and a bikini (you already know all about those, although the boldly named Miraclesuit came very highly recommended and I did try it – and I was surprised it actually did all the things it promised to do, and I was really tempted, but had already bought the others by then, so just couldn’t justify it) , a beach cover-up of some description, some Havaianas (navy) and a couple of pairs of simple flat, tan sandals. And that is pretty much it. I don’t take a single pair of heels. Ever. The last thing I want to wear on my holiday is a pair of heels (or maybe I’m just going on the wrong holidays??). Oh, I almost forgot – a small selection of baskets (including this, this, this and this one). Like the heels, the handbags are staying at home (my new Chloe Hudson has no business in Tuscany…). And of course, Tabitha has a few of her own now, so between us we have all bases (and sizes) covered (including a ‘mini me’ option). I won’t be wearing a scrap of make-up (to be honest, I just can’t be arsed), but in the evening I might apply a bit of this to the bridge of my nose, cheeks and forehead (I think I read somewhere, many moons ago that that’s what Gisele does…) for a bit of extra ‘sun’.
Anyway, I cannot wait to spend some much-needed quality time with Tom and Tabarlow. Just chill and take my foot off the accelerator for a few weeks, and just ‘be’. Less stress, less technology, less of the dreaded ‘juggling’ (God I hate that word!). More pasta, more bread, and a daily fix of gelato (a different flavour every day please!).
We are also taking a little break from posting (you wouldn’t begrudge us a little break from posting would you?). And if you don’t already, follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to…
Happy holidays lovely ladies. See you on the other side!

Sarah xx

My countdown is a little longer, but I kind of loathe packing, so even though our trip to Mallorca is still a few weeks away, the zip on the bags will (as usual) only be closing as the airport taxi arrives. I do love the fact that once it’s done, you’ve created a capsule wardrobe, which makes deciding what to wear each day that much easier. I find it helps  to stick to a simple colour palette, that way most things can be worn together, and I always take a few accessories capable of making something low key feel a little more special (this year I’ll be taking these Marte Frisnes earrings from the Mama Shop with me). Truth be told, I’d be happy to wear them and a pair of denim cut-offs most days (as styled in this recent post). For all other occasions, I love this Loup Charmant dress which could easily be worn day or night. I usually manage to limit my footwear to one pair of flip flops and one pair of sandals, but never go anywhere without my Ray-Ban sunglasses, a bottle of this (non-sticky) Clarins sun lotion and a soft large scarf (to be used as a flight blanket, a wrap on chilly evenings, and once as a comforter for Bailey when his snuggle blanket was taken away with the bedding change. There were tears!). Wherever you’re going, and whatever you pack, I hope your summer is full of peace, happiness and the odd cocktail, make mine a (slightly embarrassing) piña colada!

Nicky xx