Grey Sweatshirts

There are certain ‘wardrobe staples’ that I always find myself reaching for in the mornings, and one of these is most definitely the grey sweatshirt. I always just feel like ‘me’ when I’m wearing one, and I love the mix of a sweatshirt with a statement earring, an armful of gold bracelets, or a bit of a heel… At the last count I had five, and I wear them all on rotation. Some are plain, some have a logo or some type on the front. The one I’m probably going to buy next is this one from & Other Stories. It looks like the perfect sweatshirt from where I’m standing (sitting). I’m also liking the new ‘statement sweat’ that seems to be becoming a bit of a thing these days. I’ve definitely got my eye on the Topshop tie sleeve one (below)…

Sarah xx

ps: love this mens’ one from Urban Outfitters.

pps: cashmere sweatshirt anyone? Yes please!!

ppps: found this when I was looking for sweatshirts. Such a lovely coat, and 60% off! Nice.

Sarah xx