It’s All About A Blouse

It was Jane. After seeing her live at The Barbican back in September (totally amazing), I decided then and there that I absolutely had to have a white or cream silk blouse (Jane’s was Saint Laurent by the way). She just looked SO bloody cool. And she’s seventy!! Suddenly a pretty dull item of clothing seemed to be the coolest, in that totally effortless way that wasn’t even trying to be remotely cool. For years I never wore shirts as I always felt a bit frumpy in them because of my boobs (Des always wore (and still wears) shirts, and always looks cool in them). But recently I have been embracing the shirt more and more, and now own quite a few). In fact, an H&M khaki one (officially a ‘shacket’ actually, has become one of my favourite go-to pieces in my wardrobes (anyone who follows me on Instagram will be bored to death of it by now I’m sure!!). A shirt styled with a good pair of jeans, flats or heels, just seems to work. And blouses are just the next step on. But with blouses, you do have to be a bit more careful about you wear it with, as it can suddenly all go a bit mumsy and matronly very quickly if you’re not careful.. My favourite thing to wear with a blouse? Jeans. Always. You cannot go wrong. And preferably a high waisted pair with your blouse tucked in.

Sarah xx

ps: always ‘scruff’ your blouse up a bit though. Roll the sleeves, unbutton as low as you dare…

pps: it’s not cream, but how gorgeous is this one?? Just in!

ppps: for anyone who likes my (ancient!) H&M striped shirt, which I love, this is a very similar one!