Style Crush: Camille Rowe

An occupational hazard of my job (well apart from the glaringly obvious one – that it makes me shop!!) is that I get to work with gorgeous models all day long on my shoots. I have to say I’m totally used to it – I find their beauty rather ‘other worldly’ as in, most ‘normal’ people just don’t look like that, and are generally not freakishly tall. They are just these superhuman ‘goddesses’ that just happen to be a size eight. It’s not their fault. And I’ve always been a total girl’s girl – I have zero time/tolerance for those girl haters/bashers). Plus, to be honest, most models I work with are lovely (a few have even become friends), and we do have a bit of a laugh together (of course, some are a big fat pain in the arse, but let’s not get into that now…). I do however, love to take in what they’re wearing when they first arrive at the shoot – their off-duty style. They are very often rocking a ‘trophy’ statement bag with a pretty casual (scruffy even) outfit. I always love that. Of course, people (even freakishly beautiful ones) have different styles (some good, some bad – yes, even models look bad sometimes), and some I like (and covet) more than others. Camille is a model (and actress now) who I have worked with in the past, and who definitely had/has great style. She (annoyingly) is just one of those girls who has the effortless cool style (part prim, part tomboy…) that even money can’t really buy. She wears simple, classic prices (note the classic cream silk blouse worn with the mid-wash straight leg jeans); but mixed with cooler, vintagey, more rock-chicky finds. Oh and she also has ‘cool hair’. Hate her yet? Anyway, the end result is pretty perfect (in that perfectly imperfect way) as far as I’m concerned. Here are some bits and pieces I’ve rounded up that will hopefully help to give us all a little bit of ‘Camille’s cool’. Well we can only try…

Sarah xx

ps: good news ladies, my Warehouse Breton (the one I wore in LA with the tie sleeves?). It’s now (finally!!) available online! Remember it does come up on the large side, but if (like me) you like things slouchy on the top half, go for your usual size).