Mothers Day Flowers

photos: The Real Flower Company

So Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I must admit, I did slightly sigh at the thought, as so many of our family celebrations take place between the beginning of January and the end of March – Tabitha and Marlow’s birthdays, my birthday, Tabitha’s ‘special day’ (it’s a twins thing!), Tom’s birthday (today) and Mother’s Day. So by the time Mother’s Day rolls around I’m a little over all the celebrating (and not to mention the ££ that goes with it), and just long for a weekend of ‘nothing’ and no plans. But of course, having said all that. Mother’s Day is an important one, and of course, all mamas should be celebrated and spoiled a little. In past years, Nicky and I have complied gift lists based more on what we might like. This year I’m going to focus more on what ‘they’ might like, as in our mamas (and step mamas, grandmas etc. etc.). And instead of bombarding you with various lovely gift ideas, I’m instead going to keep things simple, and stick to something that I know absolutely for sure – that all mamas (of any age) love receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers. Particularly directly to the front door. I’ve streamlined things further still by sticking to just two suppliers, and two that I have used many, many times and have never let me down yet. The first is the more pricey of the two, The Real Flower Company. Now I first discovered this wonderful company when I worked at Glamour. I wanted to send some flowers to a friend who was outside of London and just didn’t know where to start. Well, I did, but it was not somewhere I wanted to be! A collegue recommended this company and I have never looked back. They have the most beautiful flowers, and the most fragrant flowers I have ever known. They were my go-to regional florist for years (and I know it’s not a nice thing to think about, but I’ve also used them for funeral flowers – they do really beautiful wreaths). The are definitely on the slightly more expensive end of the flower spectrum, but they do also do the prettiest posies from £45.00. You could literally close your eyes and choose a bouquet online and I guarantee it would be completely gorgeous. The second is good old M&S. Now this requires a bit more of a careful edit, but they have some really lovely flowers. And not to mention trees and plants too (I love the lavender trees). They are reliable, and you know you’ll be getting (or rather your mama will be getting) exactly what you’ve ordered. I am not one for ‘winging it’ or leaving things to chance. Anyway, my favourites are all below.

Sarah xx

ps: and Tom if you do happen to be reading this (he won’t be), now I come to think of it, I am running a bit low on Diqtique candles…).