more stripes (only smaller)


kids stripe trousers

1. Mini Boden Slim Fit Striped Jeans, £17.60-£20.80 (were £22.00-£26.00)
2. Mango Striped Baggy Trousers, £19.99
3. Petit Bateau Striped Chinos, £40.00

Whilst writing this Mama Spree post last week about our love of of striped trousers, it occurred to us that we may have bought one or two pairs (or a lot more!!) of striped trousers for the kids too. Thin stripes, thick stripes, faded – we love them all, and the best thing is that they work just as well for girls and boys, so you can pass them on, pass them down, or even share (Bailey, Tabitha and Marlow all have the the Boden striped jeans and wear them all the time). And these ones are from Next; Tootsa MacGinty (on sale); and Miller (currently 70% off!) are all on our stripe radar too.

Nicky & Sarah x

mama spree: arm candy

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 19.34.05


1. Scotch & Soda Sailor’s Knot Bracelet, £24.95
2. Scotch & Soda Bracelet, £17.00 (was £27.95)
3. Accessorize Star Friendship Bracelet, £6.00 (was £12.00)
4. Links Of London Skull Friendship Bracelet, £195.00
5. Ottoman Hands Festival Tassel Bracelet, £18.00 (was £26.00)
6. Michael Kors Bracelet, £89.00
7. April Showers Pom Pom Braclet, £19.85 (was £28.35)
8. Lulu Frost Nomadic Tassel Bracelet, £89.00 (was £128.00)
9. Message By Merci Mamam Bracelet, £19.90

Nothing screams Summer holidays more than an armful of colourful friendship bracelets on a (hopefully) tanned arm. The more you can layer up, the better – we love mixing the contrasting styles – a hippie tassel or pom pom with rose gold skulls or delicate pave stones; chunky with fine, garish with more refined…
And incase those aren’t enough to cover most of your arm, we like these ones from Louise MishaTopshop; Astley ClarkeMango; and Merci Maman (these are so sweet and can be personalised).

Sarah & Nicky xx

numero 74 just got even better


Numero 74 Mia Dress, £19.58

Numero 74

1. Numero 74 Mia Dress, £19.58
2. H&M Sunglasses, £2.99
3. Next Sandals, £12.00-£16.00

As one of our absolute favourite labels, Numero 74 is always on our ‘go-to’ list for anything from bunting to tutus, to curtains to cot bumpers. But until now that list never included clothes. But only because because they didn’t do them! So we can barely contain our excitement with the recent discovery that they now do! The same gorgeous colours, styles, fabrics, but this time in clothes. And the prices are great too (almost too good to be true in fact). Anyway, we’ll be bringing you a post with our edit in the next few weeks, but for the time being, here is one of our favourite sun dresses (we can’t get enough of this ochre colour at the moment…) to wet your appetite…

Sarah & Nicky xx

mini espadrilles


Everywhere we look we keep seeing scaled-down espadrilles for kids. Here are the ones we’re coveting (ok they may not be Chanel, but we still love/want them…): these Mothercare boots (how cool are they??); this classic navy Soludos pair; this Gap star print pair; this 1789 Cala denim pair; this Soludos striped pair; these Gap slip-on espadrille sneakers; and last but by no means least, our favourite Tootsa MacGinty Breton striped ones (as seen and loved at Dot To Dot this time last week).

Sarah & Nicky xx

mama spree: more mangotastic bargains

Mango Outlet

1. Striped Cheesecloth Shirt, £8.99 (was £12.99)
2. Lightweight Scarf, £11.99 (was £17.99)
3. Wool-Blend Oversized Jacket, £29.99 (was £39.99)
4. Cotton-Blend Sweatshirt, £17.99 (was £34.99)
5. Boyfriend ‘Karlie’ Jeans, £17.99 (were £44.99)
6. Studded Leather Sandals, £15.99 (were £25.99)

We literally cannot get enough of the Mango Outlet!! Here are our favourite pieces for us Mamas. And at these prices we can all afford to go a little mad!!
Other ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ pieces include this ruffle dress; this (very Valentino-esque, and super-practical) rivet shopper; these off-white dungarees; this studded bucket bag; this denim shirt; this ruffled tee;  this embroidered top; these leather joggers; and this checked shirt. Woohoo!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: have you entered our giveaway with The Bright Company yet? You could win ANYTHING on their website (including the mama pieces)!! You have until midnight on Sunday, so still plenty of time still. Head to our Instagram feed (@littlespree) for all the details on how to enter…

a mango surprise

Mango Girl

1. Elastic Edge Dress, £15.99 (was £22.99)
2. Hooded Parka, £22.99 (was £34.99)
3. Cork Neon Sandals, £6.99 (were £29.99)

Boys Mango

1. Checked Shirt, £8.99 (was £12.99)
2. Hooded Parka, £22.99 (was £34.99)
3. Denim Bermuda Shorts, £8.99 (were £14.99)

Have you heard of the ‘Mango Outlet’? Until recently neither had we! Not to be confused with the ‘sale’ section of Mango, this is an entirely different website dedicated to their previous collections, with everything at hugely discounted prices! Imagine our excitement to find some of the items we wish we’d bought (you snooze, and maybe you don’t lose after all…) now available with up to 70% off!  Not ones to keep such a find to ourselves, we’ve scoured the site for our favourite items to share with you. Here are some other faves for the girls: this dress; this sweater; this cardigan; this sweater; this blouse; these moccasin boots; and this pom pom necklace.And for the boys: these sweaters; these hi-tops; this Henley sweater; this jacket;  this sweater; and this parka with detachable lining.
Now let’s keep this as our little secret, ok?

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: And of course we haven’t forgotten about you! More Mango Outlet (crazy) bargains on Mama Spree tomorrow…

mama spree: stripes anyone?


Isabel Marant Étoile Jacob Cropped Trousers, £140.00 (were £200.00)

Striped Trousers

1. Seafarer Lord Jim Stretch Cotton Jeans, £154.00 (were £220.00)
2. Isabel Marant Étoile Jacob Cropped Trousers, £140.00 (were £200.00)
3. Current Elliot The Fling Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans, £87.75 (were £195.00)
4. Boden Zip Ankle Skimmer Jeans, £36.75-£59.00
5. Johnnie B Printed Skinny Jeans, £28.00-£33.00
6. Violeta By Mango Super Slim Striped Jeans, £34.99 (were £59.99)

As a rule, Sarah and I tend to dress in plain fabrics and tonal colours; but as with most rules there’s an exception and for us that usually means a stripe. We love striped t-shirts, striped jumpers, striped shirts and of course striped jeans and trousers. To prove it, Sarah has both pairs of the striped Boden jeans (size up in the Johnnie b ones as they come up small if you’re not a teenager!) and I have the Isabel Marant Étoile trousers (again, size up as they were quite a narrow fit around the hips) and an old version of the Current Elliot jeans. We know that the idea of stripes around you thighs might seem a little scary at first but (the right type of) stripes (going in the right direction) can be flattering for everyone (gorgeous curvy Mamas should take a look at jean no 6 – they go up to a size 24). Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple. I’ve been wearing my trousers with a navy t-shirt and tan gladiator sandals similar to these ASOS ones which sold out shortly after we featured them here, but are now back in stock (only £20.00 – yes, really!).
Sarah wears her stripes (tight) with a slouchy navy cashmere sweater/slouchy grey tee and her Birks.

Nicky & Sarah xx

the sweetest baby rompers


Bonnie & Co Baby Romper, £24.50 (was £53.00)

Baby Romper

1. Petit Bateau Melana Romper, £18.60 (was £31.00)
2. Louis Louise Comet Stripes Romper, £31.19 (was £44.55)
3. Louis Louise Vanilla Romper, £37.12
4. M&S Pure Cotton Checked Romper, £9.00 (was £14.00)

There are few things cuter than a baby girl wearing a pretty romper. These are the prettiest ones around. Oh and here are a few more from MangoMothercarePetit BateauM&S and Gap.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: check out our Instagram account (@littlespree) for all the details on our exciting giveaway with The Bright Company

the cat’s pyjamas


 The Bright Company Slim Jym Pyjamas, £17.00 (were £24.00)

Looking for cute, cool, unisex, mix and match pyjamas that are colourful, but in all the right ways? Welcome to The Bright Company, a British sleepwear and bedding brand for children aged 0-9 years. We love that they are passionate about British design and production. All their collections are designed and produced in Britain, and they work with suppliers that they take time to get to know and trust, and who pride themselves on high quality and production. Their designs are carefully considered too, playing close attention to the distinct physical needs of babies and toddlers. Their ‘slim pyjamas’ (like these ones that we love here) are snug fitting so they don’t ride up in the night leaving drafty gaps while your little ones sleep (don’t you just hate that?). Anything practical and stylish is a total win-win as far as we’re concerned!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: look out for our exciting give-away with them on Instagram this week…

mama spree: sale buys for now and later…

Chloé Fall Ready-to-Wear

winter sale picks

1. Mango Boho Flowy Dress, £69.99 (was £89.99)
2. Anthopologie Ombre Flutter Earrings, £32.95 (were £48.00)
3. Bella Freud 1970 Fine Knit Sweater, £182.00 (was £260.00)
4. Mango Flared Martina Jeans, £29.99 (were £39.99)
5. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Francy Hi-Top Trainers, £185.00 (were £265.00)

In the last of our sale week posts, we bring you our sales edit of investment pieces. A mix of pieces that will seamlessly fit into your wardrobe, work hard (it really is worth working out the ‘cost per wear’ of some things to prove just how much of an investment they really are!), and that stand the test of time. Some of which we already have, and some of which we may already have posted, and some that are both. These are things to buy now, wear now, and to buy now and stash for later… But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the (gorgeous!!) Chloe collection for Autumn/Winter for inspiration on how we’ll be wearing our Summer white maxi dresses for the Winter months too…
Some other good investments would be this Isabel Marant Étoile shirt; this BDG army jacket; these Boden chelsea boots (very Balenciaga); this Boden cashmere (remember it from this post); this Isabel Marant Étoile carpet belt (a really inexpensive way to inject a bit of that Isabel Marant ‘magic’ into your wardrobes); this Urban Renewal Vintage coat (we’ve had our eye on this for a while now); this Mango suede bag; this Cooperative by Urban Outfitters coat; this Ghost slip dress (such a classic – so many different ways to wear it…); and the Boden cashmere crew-neck sweaters in navy, cream and black (we love ours and wear them all the time).

Sarah & Nicky xx

baby (girl) sale style

Baby Girl Sale

1. Louis Louise Clare Embroidered Blouse, £32.60 (was £46.58)
2. Poppy Rose Romper, £27.54 (£34.42)
3. M&S Cashmere Cardigan, £28.00 (was £35.00)
4. Bonnet À Pompon Dress, £31.19 (was £44.55)
5. Start-rite Baby Kate Mary Janes, £33.60 (were £48.00)

Blush pink, ochre and sprig prints (as seen on Tabitha on Instagram): all our favourite colours and prints, all discounted and all on our baby girl sale wish list. We also had to included the M&S grey cashmere cardigan as it really is a Little Spree essential (for baby girls and boys), and we still love it. Also on our wish list are these adorable Bonnet à Pompon baby shoes; these Poppy Rose Liberty print trousers; this M&S top and bloomers set; this Gap romper; this Louis Louis dress; this Louis Louise romper (SO cute!); and these Louis Louis bloomers (yep, we’re still obsessed with Louis Loiuse…).
Happy shopping!

Nicky & Sarah xx

baby (boy) sale style

Boys Sale

1. Babe & Tess Tunisian Top, £23.63 (was £33.75)
2. Oeuf NYC Striped Sweater, £38.34 (was £47.93)
3. Gap Pocket Bodysuit, £5.99 (was £6.95)
4. Noro Denim Bloomers, £14.18 (were £23.63)
5. Gap Criss Cross Sandals, £6.99 (were £7.95)

Today it’s all the baby boys’. So many super-stylish bargains out there, it was hard to narrow it down to our favourites. A good tip for sale shopping for babies (as they grow SO fast!!) is to plan ahead and size-up. Buy some cute things to put away (‘buy now, stash for later’ as like to call it at Little Spree) and whip out in a few month’s time. It’s always such a lovely thing to re-discover them (and feel super-smug about your organisational skills combined with your sales savvy!). One little tip though: make a note in your diary of when you think they might fit – I occasionally would forget my ‘stash’ altogether, only to discover it months after when they didn’t fit, this time because they were too small!! I did have two babies though, so cut me some slack… SC).
We’re also loving this Louis Louise tee; this Kidscase tee; these Louis Louise bloomers; this Kidscase all-in-one; this Imps & Elfs cardigan; this Babe & Tess onesie; these Emile et Ida trousers; and this; this; and this, all from Gap.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: don’t disregard the Gap grey bodysuit as a bit of a ‘blah’ sale pick. These bodsuits are so useful for babies. They literally keep your little one’s look ‘together’, and are great for layering. And a grey one is always a stylish choice for baby boys (or girls of course).

mama spree: the mama (summer) sale edit…

Summer Sale Picks

1. Mango Fringed Hem Dress, £34.99 (but £24.49 with code  6VIP11)
2. Isabel Marant Shell Drop Earrings, £56.00 (were £80.00)
3. Velvet By Graham & Spencer Striped Top, £71.00 (was £102.00)
4. Gap 1969 Skinny Bermuda Shorts, £22.99 (were £34.95)
5. Cleo B Rose Pom Pom Sandals, £76.95 (were £128.00)

The Sales have begun and what perfect timing. As temperatures rise, prices are falling, so  we couldn’t resist sharing a few of our favourite Summer sale staples. No Summer wardrobe (well certainly not ours) is complete without a pair of denim cut-offs; this season we’re taking a break from ‘short shorts’, opting instead for a slightly longer length. We’ll  be wearing ours with a cool t-shirt like this one from  Maison Labiche; this linen tee from The White Company; or this J.Crew ‘beach sweater’ (so perfect for those lazy Summer evenings…). All of which work well with these Mango boyfriend cropped jeans (complete with cute scarf tie belt) should temperatures drop (again). Oh, and we also still love this Isabel Marant Étoile embroidered dress (perhaps just that little bit more now it’s 40% off…). Check back on Friday for the sales picks that will keep you one step ahead of the new season, like this ‘relaxed’ trench from Whistles. For now, we have our eye on this super-cool Aries denim dress which is a great Summer and Winter (just add tights when the goose pimples set in).

Nicky & Sarah x

ps: as well as the sales, it’s all about the Daddys this week (don’t forget: Father’s Day on Sunday!). Check out the Little Spree papas, Tom and Russell on the lovely Alex and Alexa blog

sale style for boys

Boys Clothes Sale

1. Numero 74 Guitar Cushion, £19.44 (was £24.30)
2. Gap Chambray Field Jacket, £13.99 (was £32.95)
3. Bellerose Pocket Tee, £15.66 (was £19.58)
4. Bellerose Walton’s Sweatshirt, £22.27 (was £37.12)
5. Birkenstock Silver Rio Sandals, £26.60 (were £38.00)
6. Louis Louise Crepe Sarouel Trousers, £19.85 (were £33.08)

This is a very dangerous time of year for our credit cards as two instincts kick in: buy now and stash for later and just BUY NOW! In addition to the jacket and sweatshirt above, our ‘buy now and stash it’ list includes this Penfield navy parka; Scotch & Soda stripe sweatshirt and these Mayoral leather trainers. For now, we’re adding a few summer basics to the list, like these Gap swimming shorts and navy cut-offs; a pair of our favourite Pom-D’Api sandals; this Nico Nico tee; and this cool shirt from our current go-to brand Louis Louise. Just remember, when the credit card bill arrives, think how much you saved rather than how much you spent!

Nicky & Sarah x

ps: don’t forget it’s Father’s Day on Sunday (how did that suddenly come around – even we thought it was next weekend!!). Check out our Daddy Spree post for all the (stylish, obviously) gift inspiration you need…

it’s ‘sale week’ on little spree…

Girls Sale Picks

1. Miller Quiver T-Shirt, £21.00 (was £30.00)
2. Louis Louise Gina Flowers Dress, £38.27 (was £54.68)
3. Louis Louise Clara Embroidered Blouse, £32.60 (was £46.58)
4. Atsuyo Akiko Golden Heart Necklace, £18.63
5. Caramel Pepe Velutto Slippers, £40.00 (were £67.00)
6. Miller Tansy Skirt, £16.80 (was £56.00)

This week on Little Spree is dedicated entirely to the sales. We’re kicking off with our girls edit – the prettiest pieces around (with the odd Breton stripe thrown in for good measure). The sales are where we pick up the things that we might not necessarily buy because of the (full) price tag. But during sale time all bets are off! You can get some amazing bargains if you know where to look (and if you don’t, that’s what we’re here for), and it’s always lovely to have a few ‘special’ pieces to mix in with the high street finds. After all, isn’t that how we all dress?
Here are a few other bargains we’ve found: this Mango blouse; these Mango sandals; this Mango blouse; this Mango dress; and this Mango sweater (all with 30-40% off at the moment with this code: 6VIP11); this Louis Louise blouse; and these Boden Mary Janes (in gold).

Sarah & Nicky xx

daddy spree: fathers day gift ideas

Fathers Day 2

1. Tom Ford For Men Au De Toilette, £50.00-£65.00
2. Smythson ‘My Daddy Is The Best’ Notebook, £35.00
3. M&S Cotton Military Jacket, £55.20
4. Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook, £25.00
5. Oliver Bonas ‘Super Daddy’ Mug, £11.95
6. John Lewis Digital Radio, £34.99
7. Jigsaw Raw Edge Leather Trainers, £129.00

Apparently the gift most dreaded by fathers is a tie sporting any sort of animal. Once given, it has to be worn. And let’s face it, with the exception of David Dimbleby, it’s hard to maintain any sort of authority whilst panda bears dance around your neck. On the other hand, (well chosen) clothing, books and gadgets are all very welcome.  With this information in mind we’ve produced your win-win Father’s Day gift list: items that Daddy will like, but in the colours, shapes and sizes that Mummy approves of too. To make absolutely sure, we Daddy-tested our choices on Russell and Tom. Ever since Russell has been dropping a lot of unsubtle hints about this jacket and Tom will always be delighted with anything that combines his love of Italy and good food or a cool hat…. We also like this beer bottle cooler; this Smythson card carrier (currently 30% off);  these message beanstalk seeds (so sweet from little ones); this Aqua di Palma au de cologne (Sarah is addicted to the smell); this Smythson ‘Daddy Cool’ luggage tag (cool and chic); this Mr Porter ‘Manuel For A Stylish Life'; and this glass makes us laugh!
And don’t forget that all-important card. Here are some of our favourites: this one; this one; this one; this one; this one; this one; and let’s not forget all the Step Dads and Granddads out there.

Nicky & Sarah xx

beach baby


Chloé Liberty Print Bikini Bottoms (6 months-3 years), £27.00

Baby beachwear doesn’t get much cuter than these Liberty print bikini bottoms. How wonderful to be able to run around on the beach in nothing more than a pretty Liberty print and a couple of bows… So sweet. For the girls we also love these Emile et Ida bikini bottoms; this M&S swimsuit; and these Soft Gallery bathing knickers (if you’re looking for something a little ‘studier’). For the boys we love these Petit Bateau swimming trunks; these M&S swim shorts and these John Lewis swim shorts. I’ve also just discovered that our favourite Mango swimming shorts have also been scaled down (if you haven’t checked out the Mango baby collection, you need to!) and come in two colours. For baby boys or girls, this Konfidence swim nappy is a great option too.
Now let’s start that holiday countdown…

Sarah x

mama spree: the prettiest beach cover-up…


Mes Demoiselles Cotton Dress, £165.00 

Beach Outfit MS

1. Mes Demoiselles Cotton Dress, £165.00
2. J.Crew French Charcoal Bikini Top, £44.00
3. J.Crew Charcoal Bikini Bottoms, £40.00
4. Office Sandals, £35.00
5. Blooming Dreamer Pom Pom Basket, £48.00

A good beach dress/cover-up is as much of an essential as a swimsuit or bikini as far as we’re concerned. Personally, I like something that can also hold it’s own at the beach cafe, and the journey to and from the beach. When we go to Italy in the Summer (as we do every year) we will often spend the entire day on the beach (and at one particular place, we will also stay on for a delicious supper in the restaurant overlooking the beach). I have various options that work as cover-ups (I am not one for prancing around, ordering lunch in what is to all intents and purposes, my bra and knickers…). But of course, that’s not to say that I’m not always on the hunt for a new one… We LOVE this one from Mes Dempoiselles (SO pretty!), but here are some more purse-friendly options that we’ve also got our eye on… This one from Linea (a great general ‘holiday’ dress actually); this Hush one (the yellow makes a nice change) this Monsoon one; this Topshop one; this J.Crew one; this Next one (so pretty); this Boden one; this Monsoon one; and this one from Next.

Sarah x

ps: thanks to ‘the queen of pom poms’, Lisa for the heads-up on this gorgeous basket. Look out for the launch of Edit 58 in July for similar fabulous finds. In the meantime you can follow Lisa on Instagram (edit.58).

beach boy


Mango Striped Swimming Shorts, £16.99

Beach Outfit Boys

1. H&M Sunglasses, £2.99
2. Numero 74 Bath Cape, £29.16
3. Mango Striped Swimming Trunks, £16.99
4. Next Navy Sandals, £13.00-£15.00

Yippee, our favourite Mango striped boys shorts are back! Bailey and Marlow both have them from last Summer. We’ve looked (a lot!) for a pair we like better, but came to the conclusion “if it ain’t broke…..”. Close runners-up however are these Boden swim shorts; these F&F swimming trunks; these Petit Bateau trunks; these F&F swimming shorts; these M&S trunks; these John Lewis trunks; and these swimming shorts from Bakker Made With Love.
We’ll be teaming our stripes with cute leopard print sunglasses (leopard print: not just for girls!), navy sandals and our favourite Numero 74 towel.  Alternatively how cute is this towling poncho from Boden. Now all we need is a beach….

Nicky & Sarah x

beach girl


Mango Ruffle Striped Swimsuit, £16.99

Beach Outfit Girls

1. ilovegorgeous Head Scarf, £12.00
2. Numero 74 Bath Cape, £29.16
3. Mango Striped Ruffle Swimsuit, £16.99
4. Hedgehog Spanish Basket, £15.00

The perfect beach look for little girls. Simple, stylish (we love this combination of colours…), and practical. A headscarf makes a stylish change from a sun hat, and they don’t get much prettier than this one. We have featured these towels before on Little Spree, but have decided that as well as our favourite bath towels (just don’t tumble dry them like I did! SC), they would also make the ideal beach towels as they are so lightweight to pack. And we love a cosy hood for that end of day post-swim snuggle…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: and while we’re talking swimsuits, we also like this one from Next; this one from Next; this one from M&S; and this one from Emile et Ida.