The cutest Christmas gifts for babies

Baby Gifts

1. Sebra Crocheted Pull-Along Elephant, £40.00
2. Album Di Famiglia Baby Blanket, £40.00
3. Maileg Freddie Cat, £18.00
4. Bonpoint Wooden Rattle, £9.00
5. Caramel Aloe Wool Hat & Mittens Gift Set, £98.00
6. Anne-Calire Petit Lamb Music Box, £36.45
7. Guess How Much I Love You Wooden Picture Blocks, £17.60 (were £22.00)

It’s really happening! The Christmas countdown. And it’s not about a last minute smash & grab on Christmas Eve (unless you are totally insane, or, er, a man…). The baby gift post is always one of our favourites to compile. Just gorgeous, beautiful things in gorgeous beautiful colours… With both baby and mama in mind. While they are small enough, enjoy buying them the most beautiful things you can find! We’re not saying you can’t still do this when they’re a little bit older, it’s just not always as easy. Indulge yourslef before they learn to talk and have opinions. That’s all we’re saying.
Also, just to bear in mind, we have compiled this edit as unisex baby gifts, but many of these things (this adorable pull-along elephant for example, also comes in the prettiest dusky lilac – Tabitha and Marlow both had them when they were little, and someone literally ran after us down the street once to ask where we got them from!!) come in alternative colours, so worth a quick click to find out.

Sarah & Nicky xx