The Best Baby Changing Bags

Stella McCartney Changing Bag, £230.00

You need a changing bag, but you definitely don’t want one that looks like one. And believe me, there are some horrors out there (and many of them not only look hideous, but they also come with a scary price tag too!! Go figure?). However, there are a few (and it’s definitely a select few) that tick the right boxes – this Stella McCartney ‘Fern’ is my all-time fave. It’s practical (it simply isn’t enough these days just to look good…); stylish enough (I really love that it’s navy as opposed to black) that you would not be embarrassed to be seen with it (possibly even without your baby!!); and actually not crazy expensive really (seriously, have you seen how much some of those hideous ones are?? I never understand why people think because you have a baby you’ll suddenly settle for an ugly bag?? No thanks). Plus you’re going to be using it every single day for at least a year – that’s a big commitment to a bag). Nothing tops this particular bag for being as near-perfect as a baby changing bag can be (let’s be honest, you’re never going to love it quite as much as your Chloe Mini Drew or your Celine Sangle, but this is mainly down to the fact that at some point it will almost certainly come into contact with human faeces). You’ll never love anything again in quite the same way after that. Fact. Except of course, your baby (or in my case, babies…). Anyway, Stella may be my favourite, and there are some strong contenders out there at the moment – here are some more that I would happily have/have had swinging off my shoulder, or hanging off my buggy. I’ve even thrown one in for all the hands-on dads/Sporty Spices out there – a rucksack from Tiba & Marl (they do some great ‘urban’ cooler styles if that’s more your thing. I also like the chic vibe of the Jem + Bea bags and accessories. A great way of diverting unwanted attention away from your leggings and unwashed hair when needed.

I have also included some little bags that I always found useful (particularly when you’re through that first year of needing everything in your changing bag. I can still recall the feeling of absolute liberation when I started venturing out with just the babies (um, yeah, just the two babies!!), and a regular bag with a pack of wipes and a couple of nappies in it. So these smaller, cloth bags are great for stashing nappies/wipes etc in. And I still use mine now, for stashing all my random bits and bobs. I love a little bag (or more specifically, ‘a bag in a bag in a bag’ as described by my fiend, Lisa). And a super-simple cotton tote can be a great low-fi, holiday option too – a bit of a chuck it all in and hope for the best kind, but can be really useful with babies and beyond.
You’ll also find the Anya ‘baby emergency kit‘ in this edit. This is the mother of all (chic) baby changing bags (but one that can go in your own (larger) handbag. The chicest one out there for sure. I was lucky enough to have been given one as a gift (thanks again Kate!) and I loved it. Again, not cheap, but it’s also worth considering a whip round from fiends/family/collegues – a great changing bag makes an ideal maternity gift, so if you’re a mama-to-be or know one, this could be ideal.

Sarah xx

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