Dress + Coat + Boots

  1. Coat | Bellerose
  2. Socks | La Coqueta 
  3. Dress | Louis Louise
  4. Boots | Boden

Tabitha has this dress (the newest addition to her wardrobe) and I couldn’t love it more (and in case you’re wondering, Tabs loves it too!). She wore it on Saturday (with a coat, knee socks and boots) and so many of you DM-ed me to ask me about it. She has these exact Boden boots too (she’s had the same style year in year out, as many of you will know), and they’re fab. The perfect ‘go with anything’ boot, but I particularly love them with skirts and dresses. They are lined with sheepskin too, so Tabs loves wearing them as they feel like cosy slippers.
Anyway, for me this is definitely a bit of a tried and tested formula for a cute, easy girl’s outfit for Winter – dress + coat + boots. And socks for now, then ribbed tights.

Sarah xx

ps: and because I’ve seen so many other gorgeous long sleeved dresses, I’m staring my favourites below…