Easter Cuteness


Easter garland | Meri Meri
Easter egg hunt kit | Meri Meri
Bunny romper and bonnet set | Monbebe

If you have a baby, or a little-ish little person, Easter just holds endless opportunities to channel some festive cuteness. I mean, who doesn’t love an Easter bunny (or indeed, a very small person dressed up as one)?
There’s also the Easter egg hunt (always a big hit in our house – funnily enough, Marlow is much less sceptical (or questioning at least!) of the Easter Bunny than Father Christmas. Hmmm…), which is always so much fun (for them and us), and can involve kids of all ages – the more the merrier! Tom and I actually fight over hiding the eggs!!
Anyway, I’ve rounded up my favourite Easter outfits, gifts, toys, and all things fun and festive and Easter related, with little ones in mind (check out yesterday’s post if you’re looking for pretty decorations for your home). It really is the sweetest of celebrations I always think.

Sarah xx

ps: I can never get enough hot cross buns. For the record, my favourites are the M&S mini ones. There’s just something about ‘mini’ food…

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