Let’s Talk About Next, Baby

Pram shoes | Next

That was a pretty rubbish reference for the benefit of anyone who remembers Salt ‘N Pepper, as I clearly do. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
Anyway, quick Friday post alert (as always, had en entirely different post planned, then found these baby shoes!!!!), as so often is the case, I simply feel I can’t not share them! I mean, the cutest baby shoes surely?
Now I have long been a fan of Next kids. In fact, they were one of the brands that made me want to start Little Spree in the first place (when it was just baby and kids’ clothes) because they were one of those stores that I had never previously been into (well not since my Saturday job in the Guildford store WAY back when anyway…), then was surprised to discover some amazing gems!! Anyway, I buy quite a bit of Next for Tabitha and Marlow these days (these trainers were my most recent purchase actually – simple, non-branded trainers for school, but they are really nice! Marlow loves them). But the baby section is particularly great right now. These are some of my favourites…

Happy Friday!

Sarah xx

ps: ‘planned’ post coming tomorrow instead now!

pps: the Baby Shop is now fully re-stocked, so take a look…