My Favourite Baby Changing Bags

Baby Changing Bag | Stella McCartney

If you’re in the market for a baby changing bag, this is by far and away my favourite one out there (and has been for some time). The reason? It’s just a cool bag, regardless of the baby changing bells and whistles. I just don’t get (and never have got) why, just because you have a baby, you’d be happy to be seen with a hideous bag? Particularly now that the landscape is much less bleaker than when I was looking for eight years ago (for the record, I never had one – I simply couldn’t find one I even quite liked, so instead I just had a nice, roomy Miu Miu leather bag that I snapped up at the sample sale a few weeks before the twins were born – and it served me very well). I have seen this Stella one in person (a good friend of mine recently bought it after asking after me which baby changing bag I would recommend) and it really is fab. I would happily be seen with it, even with two (almost) eight year old pant wearers in tow. It’s just a nice bag! It might not be the cheapest one (although it’s currently on sale, which is really unusual for this particular bag) out there (although even the hideous ones don’t come cheap!?!), but you do need to consider the fact that you are going to be using it every single day for at least  a year.
There are others that I like though, so I have rounded them up below. I also really like the idea of a more ‘daddy friendly’ rucksack too, so have included a couple of them in my edit.

Sarah xx

ps: I was lucky enough to be given one of these when Tabarlow were babies. The price tag is a little eye watering to say the least, but honestly, it was the best thing ever!! And you can just chuck it into your ‘regular’ bag, or stash it under the buggy. If you are reading this and have a girlfriend who is currently up the duff, I urge you to get a group together and all pitch in to get them one! It’s the Holy Grail of all baby changing paraphernalia.